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Here’s an up-to-date timeline of every comic book movie until 2020

With the massive announcements made yesterday at the Marvel Studios event, Comics Alliance has put together an up-to-date (as of Oct. 28, 2014) infographic of all the superhero movies that

David Ayer says Suicide Squad will be like ‘Dirty Dozen with supervillains’

How important is the Suicide Squad film for Warner Bros? Apparently very important, since audiences will be seeing the team of supervillains before seeing Wonder Woman The Flash, and the Justice League on

Is Will Smith going to play Deadshot in WB’s Suicide Squad?

Warner Bros. has announced Suicide Squad, a film based on the DC villain team forced to serving the government. Some of the key players in the team are Deadshot and Harley

Will Smith, Tom Hardy and Margot Robbie closer to joining DC’s Suicide Squad film

It was reported recently that Will Smith, Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises) and Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street) were in talks to star in the Warner Bros. and DC’s Suicide

Will Margot Robbie play Harley Quinn in WB’s Suicide Squad film?

Warner Bros. made big news yesterday with the announcement of the many DC superhero films including Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg and another Green Lantern film. One of the more

Ryan Gosling meets for Doctor Strange, Suicide Squad and Houdini

Hey girl, for you I’ll consider doing a superhero film. Okay, that’s a bad Ryan Gosling “Hey girl” joke but the fact of the matter is that Ryan Gosling is

WB reveals plans for DC films like Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Suicide Squad, plus Flash and Aquaman actors confirmed

This is big news for the WB and DC camp. After Marvel revealed some big news for its upcoming plans with Robert Downey Jr. and Captain America 3, WB followed suit

Arrow gets a ‘movie’ trailer and season 2 development news

If you haven’t seen the “movie” trailer for the upcoming episodes of CW’s hit TV show, Arrow, you seriously need to get on it right away (see it below). Stephen Amell

Comic Hit List: The 52 List Pt. 04

Green Lantern #1 On the heels of the ‘War of the Green Lanterns‘ story arc we bear witness to the infamous Sinestro once again donning the emerald ring and Hal