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Smallville’s Tom Welling wants to be on The Flash

Nuke the Fridge spent some time with Tom Welling during Fox’s Fall TV Line-Up party and came out with some interesting tidbits from the Lucifer star. When asked about his time on

Tom Welling doesn’t think his Superman exists in the Berlanti Universe

Hard to believe that it has been almost 5 years since Smallville wrapped in 2011. At the time, it was one of the very few adapted superhero shows on TV,

New trailer for The Flash focuses on Jay Garrick

Season 2 of The Flash is just a few weeks away, and the CW has released a new promo trailer focusing on Jay Garrick with the normal Arrow and The Flash-type intro, starting with “My

Flash and Arrow to take place in Smallville Universe?

Whoa whoa whoa… is that the Daily Planet from Smallville in the background? Yes it is, according to the images tweeted from the Flash TV News. It has the CW

Superman may be coming to The Flash! And guess who might be playing him?!?!

When Smallville left us with a…how should I put this… an ending I guess, we have been hit with a pretty fantastic slew of DC-related super hero shows. First came Arrow, which

Smallville’s Jonathan Kent doesn’t approve of Man of Steel’s Jonathan Kent

We’ve seen many versions of Jonathan Kent, Clark Kent’s adoptive father, in the Superman films and TV shows. Now we have Smallville‘s John Schneider, who played Jonathan Kent, talking about how

Blue Mountain State basketball fundraiser with TMNT’s Alan Ritchson and more!

What does Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle‘s Raphael and Blue Mountain State‘s Thad Castle have in common? What happens when you bring the cast of Blue Mountain State and a bunch of

Smallville Season 11 to be released

DC will be continuing the Smallville series, however, this Smallville series will be continued not as a TV show, but as a comic book. Well, a digital comic book and

Smallville: The Complete Series Coming This November

Alright you Smallville fans, the moment you’ve all been waiting for is here. Smallville: The Complete Series is coming to DVD on November 29, 2011. That’s all 218 episodes in

Smallville: The Complete Series on DVD

After the airing of the final episode of Smallville on May 13th fans of the series will have something else to look forward to. Warner Bros. has announced the release of the

Michael Rosenbaum Shows Face in Video Promo for Smallville Series Finale

ATTENTION SMALLVILLE FANS! Hopefully you are as excited as I am about seeing this, but Michael Rosenbaum (who plays Lex Luthor in the Smallville series on CW) appears in a

Smallville Series Finale Scheduled May 13th

The CW has announced May 13th as the date to mark for the final episode of ‘Smallville’ which has ran for ten seasons.  The two hour finale will air 8:00pm

Superman Returns Costume Appears in New Smallville Promo

A new trailer for the upcoming final season of Smallville has surfaced, the trailer reveals that Superman Returns star Brandon Routh’s costume will make an appearance in the 10th season.