Marvel turning Thor into a female

female thor

Okay, I will admit it. I watch ABC’s The View whenever I get the chance. Sure it doesn’t have the beautiful Elizabeth Hasselbeck, outspoken Star Jones, witty Joy Behar, and amazingly awesome Barbara Walters all sharing screen time anymore, but it does have Whoopi Goldberg and some big news every once … Continue reading

‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ 4 historical connections


Captain America: The Winter Soldier is an entertaining and poignant comic book film. It illustrates how Steve Rogers is integrating into modern society after being frozen since World War II, and how Cap’s greatest generation values don’t seem in line with Nick Fury’s cold modern tactics. But perhaps the best part … Continue reading

Nvidia Shield receives a huge update, stream games over Wi-Fi


From launch, the Shield has been criticized at being nothing more than a controller attached to a smartphone, playing only Android games. With the new update the Nvidia Shield received just a couple days ago, this hand-held console is now able to stream games from your PC through your home … Continue reading

SHIELD TV series heads to ABC Fall of 2013, Samuel L. Jackson wanting in, and more casting news


Jeph Loeb, famed comic book writer and executive producer for the SHIELD TV show, has revealed to PREVIEWSworld when the show will debut and where. It looks like we’re going to see Agent Coulson and friends in the Fall of 2013 on ABC. “Well…we have a ‘little’ pilot for television … Continue reading

New ‘Captain America’ Behind The Shield Featurette


2011 has been a mixed bag for superhero films. Thor exceeding everyone’s expectations, while Green Lantern has been compared to the likes of Catwoman and Batman and Robin. I still look forward to Captain America: The First Avenger and hope Marvel will deliver another true to the comics superhero adventure. … Continue reading