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Ryan Reynolds made a video as Deadpool on Halloween with kid X-Men

I think most of us are excited for the upcoming Deadpool, which Ryan Reynolds was clearly born to star in, and these pieces of media from his Halloween seem to

Ryan Reynolds stole Deadpool suit from set

Deadpool officially wrapped back in May of this year, and while the merc with a mouth will hit the silver screen next year, Ryan Reynolds has been hard at work

IT’S HERE: The official RED BAND trailer for Deadpool

Well it is finally here, friends. After all the buzz from Comic-Con and the numerous pirated CAM versions that appeared on the internet, the official trailer for the Deadpool movie has

Premiere date for the red band Deadpool trailer revealed

Can you smell it Deadpool fans? This smells like victory. With the green-band trailer for Deadpool premiering with Fantastic Four next week, it looks as if we’ll be getting a red-band trailer as

SDCC 2015: Watch the full Deadpool San Diego Comic-Con panel

Getting into Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con is a whole other beast in itself, but for those who braved the elements and slept outside at night, they were able

Ryan Reynolds walked around Comic-Con disguised as Darth Vader

It’s become pretty well known that with all that stars that come to Comic-Con every year, there is good chance that one of them could be standing right next to you in

That’s a wrap! Deadpool filming finished

And with that, the Deadpool production has wrapped, as announced by the Merc with a Mouth himself, Ryan Reynolds. During the past month, we were treated with many photos, videos

Ryan Reynolds wants Wolverine to make a cameo appearance in Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds is currently hard at work on the new Deadpool movie in Canada. While on set, the Merc with a Mouth recently sat down with an Australian news outlet to

Ryan Reynolds makes a boy’s dream of meeting Deadpool come true

We can never get a shortage of awesome things happening to awesome kids. One example is Batkid and the whole city of San Francisco making him feel like a hero. Although

Ryan Reynolds talks Deadpool while in his suit with Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez (Saved by the Bell) was part of the Deadpool April Fool’s Prank where we saw Ryan Reynolds as the Merc with a Mouth pretending to kill the ExtraTV host.

Mario Lopez can’t get a break from Deadpool

Deadpool pulled off a funny April Fool’s Day joke that had fans worrying that the movie would be PG-13. It was revealed that it was going to be rated R when

Epic photo of Deadpool in the air wielding two guns

During Mother’s Day, Ryan Reynolds shared a new photo of Deadpool holding a baby. Today he has released an epic photo featuring the Merc with a Mouth in the air

Ryan Reynolds tweets new Deadpool photo

  Ryan Reynolds tweeted a picture of Deadpool delivering a baby with the caption: “#Deadpool: A [email protected]*ker since 1991.” This is in reference to when the Deadpool made his appearance

Deadpool gets animated in new on-set video

Deadpool is known as the Merc with a Mouth. In addition to that, he is also animated, as in, the man is like a cartoon character come to life. Now

Ryan Reynolds shares new Deadpool pic featuring Negasonic Teenage Warhead

A lot of news is coming out of the Deadpool set in Vancouver, including photos of Deadpool in action and official photos. Recently Ryan Reynolds has released a new set pic on

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld says movie will be a ‘cinematic comic book experience’

Deadpool fans are excited for the upcoming Deadpool movie, since it was revealed via a hilarious video on April 1st that it’s going to be rated R. The film is

New Deadpool set pics give us better look at unmasked Ryan Reynolds

Check out the new on-set photos for the upcoming Deadpool movie. We have a better look at Ryan Reynolds’ unmasked Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, thanks to The Daily Mail. In

First glimpse of Ryan Reynolds as unmasked Deadpool

Just Jared has released first-look photos of Wade Wilson, played by Ryan Reynolds, in the highly-anticipated film, Deadpool. With news yesterday that Deadpool would be rated PG-13 (as part of an April Fool’s joke),

No joke! Deadpool is officially going to be rated R

Deadpool fans you can finally relax now. After recent speculation that Fox was considering making Deadpool a PG-13 movie, it turns out it was all one big, fat April Fool’s

Deadpool will be rated PG-13 says insider

Update: Okay, so it looks like both Joblo and Ryan Reynolds have played a great April Fool’s prank on us. The movie will in fact be rated R. Fans and