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Director Tim Miller reportedly leaves ‘Deadpool 2’ over creative differences with Ryan Reynolds

Say it isn’t so, Tim!! After giving Fox its biggest hit of the year, Tim Miller has decided to amicably leave Deadpool 2. Contractually, Miller was never signed on to come back

Fox refused to pay Deadpool writers to be on set

Deadpool was a box office smash hit that had a majority of their fans celebrating for quite some time afterward. After all, it was a movie that was supposed to have

Deadpool appears in X-Men: Apocalypse trailer

Looks like Fox did a cross promotion for two of its big hits, Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse. In a trailer released for the Japanese theatrical launch of X-Men: Apocalypse, Deadpool shows

Check out the foul-mouthed, NSFW, hilariously awesome gag reel for ‘Deadpool’

Deadpool is just a few short days away from landing on Blu-ray and DVD, and as you might expect the home video release will contain a gag reel. Well, the

Deadpool director Tim Miller’s favorite deleted scene

Deadpool director Tim Miller sat down with Cinemablend and talked to them about his favorite deleted scene called “The Cancer World Tour” which he wishes could have been added to the

Ryan Reynolds unveils Deadpool for Blu-ray, VHS and LaserDisc

Ryan Reynolds has revealed on his Twitter that Deadpool will be coming to Blu-ray, DVD, VHS and LaserDisc. Okay, so he was joking about the VHS and LaserDisc, but the

Ryan Reynolds wants Deadpool nominated for many Oscar awards

One wouldn’t think a Deadpool movie would be an Oscar-worthy film, unless it’s nominated for special effects, but that’s not stopping Ryan Reynolds from suggesting to everyone that the film

Deadpool weighs in on the Civil War: #TeamCap

There’s something a little magical about actors who embody their on-screen personas. It’s hard to find two actors that do this better than Ryan Reynolds and Robert Downey Jr. But

Deadpool spoofs Kanye West in the best way possible

Do you think Ryan Reynolds in character as Deadpool would make a great host for Saturday Night Live? If you do, you’d agree with 69,000+ people who have already signed a petition on

Ryan Reynolds is presented with Deadpool sidekicks

James Corden has some ideas for Ryan Reynolds for the Deadpool movie. He insists to the actor that the superhero character needs a sidekick. Some sidekick ideas include Strawberry Short

Director plans to make third Wolverine movie rated R?

Deadpool is an R-rated superhero film that did excellent at the box office. This proved to Fox that you can do an R-rated film based on a comic book character

Ryan Reynolds thanks fans for massive $150M holiday weekend

Who said that an R-rated Deadpool film would have a hard time making money? After initial conservative estimates had Deadpool making $55-60M, Deadpool was on track to have a $130M holiday weekend. However, in

Was it Ryan Reynolds that leaked the original Deadpool test footage?

We’re only a few days from the release of a film that’s been in limbo for about a decade now. Yes, we’re talking about the merc with a mouth, Deadpool.

Is the Olivia Munn vs. Ryan Reynolds video a tease for Deadpool’s end-credits scene?

Advanced screenings for Deadpool has revealed one end-credits scene, but it looks like there’s a second one that will debut when it hits theaters this Friday, February 12th. A new

Deadpool Review

Deadpool has had a very weird and tumultuous path to the big screen. The illegitimate faux-Deadpool first appeared on the big screen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds has spent

Surprise screening of the Deadpool movie has massive positive response on Twitter

In a surprising turn of events, a chosen few were able to watch the Deadpool movie before its release into theaters next month. In fact, Ryan Reynolds was in attendance for a

Deadpool emoji billboard is now Skull Poop L in new banner

Comedian and actor Patton Oswalt spotted a really clever Deadpool billboard featuring emojis that spelled out Deadpool. Well, if we were to be exact, it would be Skull Poop L.

Deadpool’s Empire cover photo and infomercial released

More Deadpool goodness has just been released. As if the two Deadpool trailers were not enough, Empire has revealed its cover photo for this month’s issue featuring Deadpool. And if

Two Deadpool trailers arrive just in time for Christmas

It’s a Christmas miracle! On the 12 days of Deadpool, our belching crimson chundertub gave to us a brand new Deadpool trailer. Judging by the trailer below, it’s everything that we

New Deadpool promo for upcoming Christmas day trailer!

The Christmas part of Deadpool’s marketing campaign is happening right now with the 12 Days of Deadpool. This time it’s geared towards the NBA as the next trailer for Deadpool will be