The hunt for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Dragon Dagger (available now)


If you go to the Toys “R” Us website right now and search for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Dragon Dagger, you will see a pre-order link with a release date of March 18, 2013 and a price of $79.99. Yesterday there was a post on The Official Power Morphicon Convention Facebook Page … Continue reading

Get to playing or you’re fired! – Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-bit Land Review


Mordecai and Rigby hate work and love video games, so it’s only fair that they finally get to be in one. As usual, Benson gives the duo a job to do and instead of getting the work done they try to get away with doing something else. They find a … Continue reading

Review: The Joystick-It from Thinkgeek


When the Ipad first hit the market it opened a floodgate of possibilities for third party accessory developers based on its gaming capabilities alone. You can’t get more nostalgic than playing Atari’s greatest hits, dig dug, or Pac Man on the tablet device, but even with these classics from my … Continue reading