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CES 2015: CyberpowerPC rolls into Vegas with a vulgar display of power

Much can be said about this custom PC building company. For one, we know real modders when we see them. After meeting the company’s head staff, we learned about just

Corsair criticized for new ‘Tramp Stamp’ logo…really? (Opinion)

This past Monday, PC hardware and peripheral maker Corsair ceremoniously launched their games-centric new division of the company, ‘Corsair Games’, along with the latest updated versions of many of their

Razer launches the Adaro Series Headphones

Razer is known around the world for their high-performance gaming hardware, software and systems, and today they have announced a new headphone series for personal entertainment. The initial line up

Razer launches The Ouroboros, a mouse among elite men

The Razer Ouroboros is now available in North American retailers for a whopping $149.99. It’s built for both lefties and right-handed PC gamers, packing premium features like customization of ergonomics, an 8200 dpi

Razer will honor 90% Off unauthorized coupon code

Bravo, Razer, bravo! The gaming peripherals manufacturer has decided to honor the unauthorized coupon code that allowed customers to buy Razer products for 90% off online. Even though they’re losing money

Ultrabook Convertibles and You, a buyer’s guide for the winter holidays.

Purchasing a new laptop can be one of the most arduous and stressful experiences a consumer can have. Standing in a retail environment with 30+ different machines staring at you,

Razer announces new upcoming line of gaming surfaces: Invicta, Manticor, Destroctor 2, and Megasoma 2

A brand that any hardcore or professional PC gamer knows all too well, Razer’s, products have always been known for two major points; design, and quality. While seemingly straying away

Razer unveils awesome Mass Effect 3 accessories for PC, Xbox 360 and iPhone

Razer has teamed up with Bioware to bring us some new and awesome accessories for the PC, Xbox 360 and iPhone. All of the accessories are current top tier Razer

Razer Announces the Razer Blade AKA the ‘World’s First Gaming Laptop’

Razer has made some great gaming accessories, some we have even reviewed on our site such as the Naga, the Hydra and the Limited Edition Death Adder Transformers Mice. Now

Review – Razer Limited Edition Death Adder Transformers Mice (with Video!)

Marketing popular franchises has always been a great gimmick in selling high-end products such as TVs, Computers, and many different accessories. Razer has had a few exclusives over the years,

The Razer Hydra: Take Full Control

Wii for the PC. This was my first thought upon catching a glimpse of the Razer Hydra in action at E3 2011. A working demo of Portal 2 and Call

The Razer Naga: In Depth Review

Over the years, Razer has become a household name among PC gamers. With everything from keyboards to headphones , Razer has been releasing products that can not only enhance the

CES 2011: Razer Showcases Their Wii/PlayStation Move-like Motion Controller…Again

Innovation is a major word at CES that gets thrown around loosely, especially when a company is developing a product that is already been available for the last 5 years.

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