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Portal 2’s Robots Are Trustworthy – Funniest Trailer Yet?

The original Portal had new mind-warping gameplay, and some enjoyable humor to go along with it. Who can forget GLaDOS, the cake-promising computer system, who tries to kill you at

Watch Portal 2 Ad Created by Valve

Doug Lombardi, head of marketing for Valve, was badmouthing ad agencies, saying that they were worthless. He was tired of them pitching the same ideas or copying other ideas. So

8 Minutes with Portal 2 – a Comedic Video Game?

You should watch this new Portal 2 video, for science. A first-person game that’s focused on puzzles, personalities, and comedy is a rare combination – the opposite of zombie video

PC Portal 2 Free on PS3, Also Cross-Platform

You heard that right. People who buy the PS3 version of Portal 2 will also be getting the PC/Mac version included in their purchase for use on Valve’s Steam service.

VGA’s Tease Us with a Taste of Highly Anticipated Upcoming Games

So this past Saturday night, the VGA’s took place and with it came many teasers of some high profile games that have yet to come out.  We previously covered the

Portal 2 Co-Op in Action

Valve brought their “A” game to PAX this year, revealing new features in the highly anticipated Portal 2 title. These are the first videos released that showcase the new co-op

Portal Bookends

Show your love for Aperture Science by keeping your books from falling off the shelves with these Portal Bookends. Portal fan TriangleMen, took some of his spare time to create

New Portal 2 Video Featuring Wheatley

A new video has popped up for the highly anticipated sequel to Portal.  The video features Wheatley, a guide in the game that helps you navigate through the Aperture Science

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