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God of War: Origins Collection Demo Out Now

God of War – Origins Collection demo is now available for download with Plus members, and for all on September 6th.

Free PS3 Game Downloads for Existing PSN Users! Thanks Sony

Ok, Sony is trying their best to please the existing PSN users that have been waiting for the PSN network to be fully back online. What better way than to

Hackers Say Anonymous Is Likely Behind Sony Attack

According to the Financial Times, two old-school members of Anonymous say that members from the hacker group are likely behind the Sony attack, even though the group has denied involvement

PlayStation Network in Final Stages of Restoration

Sony has updated that it is in its final stage of internal testing of the new system for PlayStation Network. The global network and security team are working around the

Sony Skips Out on Congressional Hearing

The ongoing PSN debacle continues. Just recently reported, Sony has declined to appear before the United States Congress. The House of Representatives sent a letter to Sony Chairman Kazuo Hirai

Nerd Reactor Podcast – PSN Edition

You can’t go anywhere without hearing about the ongoing controversy over the hacking of the Playstation Network. Nerd Reactor’s finest take a look at how it all started and the

PSN Users’ Credit Card Information Not Being Used Fraudulently

There have been reports roaming around the internet saying that the credit card information collected from the PlayStation Network was being used to to sell back to Sony. The company

The Return of PSN & Customer Appreciation Program

Sony has recently announced that it’ll partially restore most PlayStation Network services at some point this week. Users will be required to download new firmware for their PS3 and reset their

Developer Will Cancel Game if PSN Users Have No Faith in PlayStation Network

Yeah, lots of news coming out for the PlayStation Network, and here’s one about whether or not a developer will cancel a game based on lost confidence for the service.

PSN Users, Your Account Is Compromised, and Maybe Your Credit Card Too

Ok, so here’s the big update on what has happened during the PlayStation Network outage. Sony has said that PSN user accounts have been compromised, including name, address, country, email

Was Your Credit Credit Information Stolen During PSN Outage?

Well, this might be bad news for me since my credit card information is automatically stored in the PSN service. And the thing is, it’s also stored on two different

Hackers Attacked PlayStation Network Says Sony

So last night Patrick Seybold, Sony’s Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media, said that the PlayStation Network & Qriocity service were taken down on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 for

PlayStation Network Is Still Down. Anon to Attack Sony When PSN Is Back Online

If you’ve been trying to sign on the PlayStation Network recently, you’ll notice that, well, you CAN’T. So the server is down. Could it be the online group Anonymous attacking

Chime Super Deluxe Review: Addicting Music Puzzle Game

Developer: Zoë Mode Publisher: OneBigGame Genre: Puzzle Players: 1-4 (offline) Platform: PlayStation 3 Release: March 29, 2011 Price: $9.99 I was sold on the Chime Super Deluxe demo right before

Anonymous Hacking Group Says It’s Only the Beginning for Sony: Prepare for the Worst

Anonymous’ subgroup, SonyRecon, had a representative, Takai, talk to Sebastian Moss, writer for PlayStation Lifestyle, to let the world know of their plans for Sony. They say that what happened

Japan Gets $1.3 Million from PlayStation Network’s Users

The PlayStation Network started a fundraiser for saving Japan, where you donate money, and get a special Japan-themed XMB theme. The effort started on March 11, and since then, they

Red Johnson’s Chronicles, a Game to Hold You Over Until L.A. Noire

Here’s a new game called Red Johnson’s Chronicles from Lexis Numérique, a big European independent studio. It has released some new screenshots for the detective game that is like Professor

Sony Firmware 3.60 Update Is Here with Some New Features

The PlayStation Network was offline yesterday in order for Sony to prepare the new firmware 3.60 update for the PlayStation 3. Now the new update is available and with it

Save Your Game Online with PlayStation Plus

Well, here’s another incentive to become a PlayStation Plus member. Sony has announced that PlayStation Plus members will be able to save their games online. For $50 a year, you’ll

PlayStation Network Is Down Right Now

The PlayStation Network is undergoing maintenance and started at 8AM PST/11AM EST this morning. It’s going to last a total of 11 hours, so we have until 7PM PST. This