Planetside 2 Review: War were declared


The Vanu forces are assaulting a heavily defended Terran Bio Lab. Bullets are flying everywhere, explosions sounding across every corridor. Meanwhile, I’m just getting into the fray as a Heavy Assault, having used the launch pads to catapult myself onto the upper level where the main battle is being fought … Continue reading

See how Dwarves live in Game of Dwarves


[youtube][/youtube] The Dwarven race is a curious one, with much information on them given to us largely through mythology. This peculiar race not only has an uncanny affinity for beer and all beer-based beverages, but also an appetite for treasure. As the video from Paradox Interactive shows; however, they are … Continue reading

War of the Roses launch trailer, a jab at Call of Duty?

War of the Roses, a third-person shooter and sword-fest, launched yesterday with a new trailer. Thus far the game sits presumably pleased with three reviews and an 80 Metacritic score. Joe Robinson, a reviewer at Strategy Informer, claims that the game is “definitely going to be punishing to casual players … Continue reading

Roccat Isku Keyboard Review: Why can’t I hold all these macroes!?


Gaming on a PC has its various quirks. Primarily, you have to figure out what makes you comfortable when doing those multi-hour marathon sessions, whether playing a lot of Counter Strike, or just trying to get through a raid on WoW without wanting to stab the guildmate that keeps screwing … Continue reading

Sega announces HD ports of Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTS for PS3, Xbox 360, PC (?)


To keep the digital sales ball rolling, while Sega just re-released Jet Set Radio, they’re now announcing that Sonic Adventure 2 and the much beloved NiGHTS will be on your HD systems this Fall. Since Sonic Adventure 2 had already seen a release outside of its original Dreamcast home, NiGHTS … Continue reading

The Walking Dead – Episode 3: “Long Road Ahead” is now available


If you happened to blink yesterday, then you probably missed the announcement that Telltale Games released Episode 3 for The Walking Dead on the PlayStation Network. Telltale announced the news through their facebook and twitter on Monday night. We reported last week, that TellTale had confirmed that the new episode … Continue reading

Is Grand Theft Auto 5 competing with Wii Sports Resort?

grand theft auto 5 tennis

From the look of these brand new screenshots of Grand Theft Auto 5, you would think that Rockstar had given up a life of crime, replacing said life with one of leisure and good-natured family entertainment. Here we see virtual characters enjoying a game of tennis, some motorcycle racing, and … Continue reading

Dead Space 3 Gamescom trailer is horrific, retains series’ atmosphere


Thanks to the addition of a co-op mode, many of the heavily invested Dead Space fans have been worried that Dead Space 3 was going too far into action territory. Visceral Games has been trying to appease fans, telling them that the core of the series is still there. They … Continue reading

Jet Set Radio HD tagged with low $9.99 price


SEGA has taken its sweet time, but the original Jet Set Radio (originally Jet Grind Radio) is finally making its way to one of your favorite systems (hopefully, anyway). Playstation Plus members will be able to spray til’ their heart’s content starting on September 11th, with regular Playstation 3 users … Continue reading

Angels and Demons fight over mankind’s fate – Darksiders 2 trailer

Darksiders 2

While we’re all anxiously awaiting the inevitable Darksiders 2 movie starring Antonio Banderas and his lovely locks of coal-tinged magnificence, the latest Darksiders 2 trailer for the video game is here for your enjoyment. Although the fact that mankind has essentially ceased to exist in Darksiders 2 is not so … Continue reading