Chappie Challenge! Chance to play Evolve against Chappie

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Skynet isn’t here yet, but it’s getting closer with the Chappie Challenge. Starting on February 21st, 2K will begin their tournament in their latest game, Evolve, where one lucky team, after beating all the rest, will be pitted against Chappie, the first robot with the ability to think and learn. If that’s … Continue reading

The Escapists review – Escaping prisons


At first sight The Escapists looks like something straight out of the ’90s 8-bit era, but you’ll find out soon enough that the game’s depth more than makes up for the lack of graphics in this prison break puzzler. The Escapists has you playing an inmate in one of the six … Continue reading

Square Enix’s Life is Strange Episode 1 Review

Life Is Strange™_20150128190653

Life is Strange is a story-based game that features player choices, where the consequences of all your in-game actions and decisions will impact the past, present and future. The choose your own adventure genre is alive and well, and this time Square Enix and Dontnod Entertainment are trying their hands … Continue reading

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered is now available on Steam


Today marks the release of the HD remastered version of Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy. This was the first game Quantic Dream ever released and was highly praised by many for blurring the lines between movies and video games. The groundbreaking title is now available on Steam, Linux, iOS and Android devices. … Continue reading

With Sierra revived, priority changes for indie versus popular titles


While news of Sierra On-Line‘s resurrection was unveiled back in Autumn of 2014, what remains consistent is that Sierra is maintaining their mission to enlisting independent developers to fill the revived publisher’s library. Sierra’s MacLean Marshall states: “The indie movement is happening … And for Activision not to be involved … Continue reading

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 confirmed


Scott Cawthon, creator of the now super successful horror game Five Night’s at Freddy’s, has just dropped a teaser for the third installment of the franchise. Rumors of the game’s development began in December when Scott changed his Twitter cover photo that reads “offline,” but hidden below the Twitter cover photo parameters … Continue reading

League of Legends: Snowdown Throwdown 2014


A lot of video games are known for adding temporary holiday content, and the folks over at Riot Games are no stranger to this. This year they have added even more customization options to their successful MOBA, League of Legends, and this year they also have a holiday-themed video to show off some … Continue reading

Tales from the Borderlands: ‘Zer0 Sum’ review

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If you have ever played a Telltale game then you know this game is nothing like the game that it gets its inspiration from. With that being said, you still get the same feeling as if you’re in the same world as the series it derives from. Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1 … Continue reading

League of Legends: The Terror Beneath


League of Legends 2014 Season may have ended but the guys and gals at Riot Games show no signs of slowing down. They just released a sneak peek of their newest champion preview. It’s been a while since League has introduced a monster-sized champion, and I for one am excited … Continue reading

Kalista, The Spear of Vengeance – League of Legends Champion preview


Riot just recently revealed their newest upcoming champion Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance, a new marksman character or ADC to the MOBA community. Treacherously murdered, Kalista rose as a specter, twisted by the horrific power of the Shadow Isles. In death, she offers Runeterrans a proposition: surrender your soul to the … Continue reading

Final Fantasy 7’s City of Midgar recreated in Minecraft


A player with the handle Killerx20 has posted pictures of the city of Midgar from Final Fantasy 7. It wasn’t just this player that created this amazing city, there were many others. Killerx20 had this to say regarding the city, what’s visible, and if there are any future updates: This … Continue reading

Smite Down: Sylvanus keeper of the wild…Parties?


The good folks at HiRez cranked out another god to add to your roster, and this one I think you’ll “Root” for. Corny jokes aside, Sylvanus, the keeper of the wild, looks to be a dangerous foe on the battlefield. With multiple stun moves and a good amount of sustain with … Continue reading