League of Legends: Snowdown Throwdown 2014


A lot of video games are known for adding temporary holiday content, and the folks over at Riot Games are no stranger to this. This year they have added even more customization options to their successful MOBA, League of Legends, and this year they also have a holiday-themed video to show off some … Continue reading

Tales from the Borderlands: ‘Zer0 Sum’ review

border tile

If you have ever played a Telltale game then you know this game is nothing like the game that it gets its inspiration from. With that being said, you still get the same feeling as if you’re in the same world as the series it derives from. Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1 … Continue reading

League of Legends: The Terror Beneath


League of Legends 2014 Season may have ended but the guys and gals at Riot Games show no signs of slowing down. They just released a sneak peek of their newest champion preview. It’s been a while since League has introduced a monster-sized champion, and I for one am excited … Continue reading

Kalista, The Spear of Vengeance – League of Legends Champion preview


Riot just recently revealed their newest upcoming champion Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance, a new marksman character or ADC to the MOBA community. Treacherously murdered, Kalista rose as a specter, twisted by the horrific power of the Shadow Isles. In death, she offers Runeterrans a proposition: surrender your soul to the … Continue reading

Final Fantasy 7’s City of Midgar recreated in Minecraft


A player with the handle Killerx20 has posted pictures of the city of Midgar from Final Fantasy 7. It wasn’t just this player that created this amazing city, there were many others. Killerx20 had this to say regarding the city, what’s visible, and if there are any future updates: This … Continue reading

Smite Down: Sylvanus keeper of the wild…Parties?


The good folks at HiRez cranked out another god to add to your roster, and this one I think you’ll “Root” for. Corny jokes aside, Sylvanus, the keeper of the wild, looks to be a dangerous foe on the battlefield. With multiple stun moves and a good amount of sustain with … Continue reading

Smite Down: Rama lama ding dong


The seventh avatar of Vishnu has arrived folks. Rama is the latest god to be added to the Smite battlefield. This hunter has an impressive set of skills, but will be little difficult to master. I’m pretty sure Rama is heading towards the meta. With a good amount of damage dealing and … Continue reading

E3 2014: A look at Wargaming.net’s ‘World of’ games


In a secret, all black, military room at E3, I was briefed about what Wargaming.net had in store for they’re hugely successful franchise, World of Tanks, by two government agents dressed in black. What I’m about to tell you is classified. Alright so it wasn’t a secret military room, and there weren’t any … Continue reading

E3 2014: The seven tools of EverQuest Next’s Landmark

EverQuestNext Landmark

Dave Georgeson and Terry Michaels of Sony Online Entertainment treated me to a special viewing of the latest build of their massive game, Landmark. I can say from what I saw and heard, the game is progressing along great. Nerd Reactor covered this game in its alpha form and now that it’s … Continue reading

E3 2014: Evolve – My time as ‘The Medic’

Kraken Evolve

One of the big surprises at E3 was the time I spent with Turtle Rock Studios and 2K’s Evolve. I was thrust into the game and was hooked. If you don’t know what evolve is Evolve, it’s a multiplayer co-op shooter game that sets a team of four hunters, from four different classes, … Continue reading