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12 consoles in 1! Introducing the Retro Freak!

As an ’80s kid, the Nintendo Entertainment System was one of the best consoles ever to grace that early era of 8-bit gaming. It was also recently released that Nintendo

2D Mario games need a significant makeover (opinion)

Happy Mario Day. Once Super Mario Bros. came out for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1985, the video game industry picked up momentum and turned into the mainstream phenomenon

NES Classic Edition interface revealed, will include four suspend states per game

A few days ago Nintendo of Japan revealed the Nintendo Classic Famicom system would be coming to Japan and include a video that showcased the interface of the miniature system.

The NES Classic Edition looks tiny compared to original

One of the most anticipated releases this holiday season is the Nintendo NES Classic Edition, which features 30 classic Nintendo games built-in, ranging from Contra to The Legend of Zelda.

Mario was released 31 years ago!

It’s hard to believe that gaming started out many many years ago with the game called Pong. That moment in time snowballed into what is a gigantic revolution for what

RetroUSB’s NES console, The AVS

For those of you who were dissapointed by Nintendo’s NES Mini being preloaded with only a select number of games, incompatible with actual carts and stuck with a proprietary controller,

NES Classic Edition with 30 games coming in November

The Nintendo Entertainment System was a legend in the video game industry for its success following the video game crash of the early 80’s that left many questioning if the

The Legend of Zelda turns 30 today

The Triforce is strong with this one… 30 years ago today, The Legend of Zelda was released in Japan for the Nintendo Famicom and later came out in North America for the

Happy 30th, NES!

On October 18th, 1985, Nintendo released the original Nintendo Entertainment System, which has lovingly come to be known as NES. A revamped version of the 1983 Japanese Famicom, Nintendo took

Ink Whiskey releases NES cartridge with a twist

Every so often there are things that are so simple but unique that it catches your attention. This is one of those items. Created by the team over at Ink

Kids can’t beat Glass Joe in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out

If you thought your faith in humanity couldn’t get any lower, watch these kids fail tremendously at beating Glass Joe in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out for the NES. No, they are

Review: Retro-Bit’s Super Retro Trio – Play your SNES, Genesis and NES games

Ever feel like wanting to play that old NES, SNES and/or Sega Genesis game, but hate having to get all three systems out and plug all those wires in? Or

Check out our new Let’s Play series, The Trash Heap!

Welcome to The Trash Heap, a Let’s Play gaming series where I play some of gaming’s worst atrocities! This started out as a personal project, but it is now officially

Introducing NES Remix – Play Nintendo 8-bit games like never before

Yeah, we get mad whenever a company shuts down a fan-made game that adds a new spin on an old classic. We are, however, super happy when the company finally

The all-in-one retro gaming console, RetroN 5, delayed until 2014

As a fan of classic gaming, I was looking forward to the RetroN 5 being released this year in December. The all-in-one retro gaming console will be able to play

The PlayStation 4 gets turned into an NES

The PlayStation 4 is still new in the market, so it’s no surprise that we’re left with just one option for the look of the console. However, gamers out there

Play your classic NES, SNES, Genesis games on the RetroN 5 in December

While everyone is getting ready for the upcoming releases of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, fans of classic gaming got something else to look forward to. During E3 we

Sites that use the Konami code

If you grew up during the 80’s-90’s, then you are very fimiliar or at least have heard of the Konami code. The famous code is : Up, Up, Down, Down,

This pop music video features NES graphics and the Duck Hunt dog playing beer pong

I haven’t heard of pop singer Curtis Peoples, but he just released a cute and cool music video called “Made For Me (Forever).” What makes this music video cool? It

The current state of Nintendo and what they can do: A gamer’s opinion

As a kid, I’ve always been a big supporter of Nintendo. It began as my dad found the old brick Game Boy one day at work along with a copy

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