Duel with your robot fists in NCSoft’s new Project Hon


NCSoft revealed a brand new PC online game titled Project Hon. The trailer features some really awesome gameplay featuring transforming, boosting, wall-running, and even dueling opposing robots with your robot fist. NCsoft touts it as a Mech MMO, but I see more hints of Platinum Game’s 3rd person shooter Vanquish … Continue reading

Guild Wars 2 Flame and Frost Part 3 patch coming today


Patch day is always an exciting thing in MMO titles, and Guild Wars 2 is no exception. This afternoon will be seeing the release of the third chapter in the ongoing storyline of Flame and Frost, The Razing. The dredge and Flame Legion are growing more powerful, establishing spy settlements … Continue reading

The best MMORPG of the year gets the worst trailer


[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4R5Q0ZOTa8[/youtube] In the vein of abysmal trailers for video games, there have been some pretty big bombs. I can’t be the only one still having nightmares over the crying baby doll from Sony a few years back. Sadly, some of these affect even the best games out there, and Guild … Continue reading

Guild Wars 2 breaks one million beta registrations in 48 hours


  At this point, the hype for Guild Wars 2 is getting to reach maximum levels. How hype is it getting? Enough that over one million people immediately registered for the upcoming closed beta within a scant 48 hours. That’s pretty crazy right there. NCSoft themselves made the numbers announcement, … Continue reading

NCSoft Files Lawsuit Against Tera Developers


  MMORPG title Tera may be currently scheduled to launch in NA this coming May, but it seems that rival NCSoft is keen on preventing that from happening. The studio behind Guild Wars just recently filed a lawsuit against developer Bluehole, and its American-based subsidiary En Masse Entertainment, under claims that the … Continue reading