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Call of Duty: Cold War multiplayer gameplay reveals new modes, features

Treyarch finally got to show off its new cross-generation Call of Duty game today, Call of Duty: Cold War. A few weeks ago, Infinity Ward included a new limited-time game

Borderlands 3 and the endless search for a bigger backpack

Borderlands 3 is a deserving successor to the looter shooter saga. The new worlds that you discover in the campaign are enough to keep you captivated and interested, but the

Stardew Valley coming to Nintendo Switch with multiplayer

Stardew Valley took the gaming world by storm when it released on Steam almost exactly a year ago. Since then, it’s been released on consoles and now it’s coming to

PGW: Final Fantasy XV ‘Omen’ trailer released; plus co-op to be added!

Paris Games Week always has great news year after year, and today is no different. Square Enix just announced plans for Final Fantasy XV’s DLC as well as the inclusion

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire (review)

Back in 2003, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic placed itself as one of BioWare’s iconic games in its legacy for crafting epic narratives that capture the hearts and minds

Adult Swim releases new ducking game called Duck Game

Do you have some ducking friends that love to shoot the ever living duck out of each other with a ducking load of ducking awesome weapons? Well Adult Swim has

Last Year: The 5 vs 1 survival horror multiplayer Kickstarter

There’s been a slew of great multiplayer games that have been released in the past couple years. However, there hasn’t been a game where you’re part of an actual horror

E3 2014: Destiny multiplayer hands-on first impressions (Alpha launches today!)

For those attending E3 this year, Activision and Bungie made two major announcements regarding the upcoming titan of a launch that is Destiny. One announcement was the beginning of the

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag multiplayer impressions (E3 2013)

One of the most anticipated games of 2013, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag features an amazing Caribbean world to explore. While creating an amazing experience in the single player mode, the