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Monster Hunter X to be released as Monster Hunter Generations this summer

Monster Hunter Generations is the Western release name for Capcom’s Monster Hunter X. During the Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed the game will be releasing this summer for the Nintendo 3DS

Six Flags Magic Mountain: Monster Hunter Caravan Tour

Last weekend I was one of the many who got to spend some time with Monster Hunter 4’s very own Caravan as a part of the Capcom Monster Hunter Caravan

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (review)

At the time of this review, I’ve logged about 70 hours into Capcom’s latest Monster Slaying addiction,¬†Monster Hunter¬†4 Ultimate, and I’m just getting started. If you’ve played a previous Monster

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate confirmed for NA release

Earlier Capcom announced, in typical Capcom fashion, that there was going to be an expansion for Monster Hunter 4 that will be released in Japan, titled Monster Hunter 4G, not

Capcom brings Monster Hunting to Nintendo’s 3DS

What started as an innocent portable port has become a social phenomenon in the land of the rising sun. Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise has sold millions in its native country.

Monster Hunter English Art Book to Be Released in August

Those of you who have lugged around a hammer while dodging an attack from a Kushala Daora, made sashimi out of a Plesioth with duel blades, or taken down a