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Nintendo releases four ‘data packs’ to improve load times for Xenoblade Chronicles X

There has been plenty of Xenoblade Chronicles X news over the last week in preparation for the game’s launch in less than three weeks. During the Nintendo Direct, it was

Watch 51 minutes of Xenoblade Chronicles X gameplay

Xenoblades Chronicles X is less than a month away from release, and just recently we learned that the game’s world is about 5 times larger than that of even Fallout

Xenoblade Chronicles X’s open world is bigger than Skyrim, Fallout 4, and Witcher 3 combined

As if I wasn’t already hyped enough for Xenoblade Chronicles X, Nintendo World Report put together a little video demonstrating how this game is going to be the Wii U’s biggest (literally)

Watch Xenoblade Chronicles X’s giant mechs in action

Nintendo UK has uploaded some live footage of Xenoblade Chronicles X in action during the EGX convention in Birmingham. In the video, we see more of the game in action as you

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D coming in April

During Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced that Xenoblade Chronicles would be coming to North America in April and is being ported over by Monster Games. (Monolith Soft is currently developing Xenoblade Chronicles

Nintendo Direct reveals the world of Xenoblade Chronicles X

According to Nintendo, President Satoru Iwata announced that Xenoblade Chronicles X is still on track for a 2015 release. He showed off new gameplay footage of the upcoming Wii U-exclusive RPG.

Nintendo’s E3 showcase list leaked online

Looks like someone on Reddit was able to get Nintendo’s E3 packet early and share the image online. There are quite a few things people have expected to see online

Watch the new trailer from Monolith Soft’s Wii U title, ‘X’

Monolith Soft is currently working on a brand new RPG title for the Nintendo Wii U currently known as X. If you played Xenoblades Chronicles for the Nintendo Wii, then

‘X’ – A new Monolith Soft game revealed

Oh Nintendo, you big tease. In the final minutes of the Nintendo Wii U Direct video, Satoru Iwata showed off a video showcasing a new game being developed by Monolith

Xenoblade Chronicles review – one of the best, period

To say that the Japanese RPG is struggling in North America would be an understatement. It’s hard to imagine now, but at one point, the Final Fantasy series’ latest installments

Xenoblade Chronicles finally makes an appearance in North America

As much as Xenoblade Chronicles’ story is about two massive gods who battled, its publishing in real life had two massive groups struggling for supremacy. It was Nintendo versus the