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Mario All-Stars Makes One Final Bow

If you somehow missed the opportunity the first time, now might be your last chance. The Super Mario All-Stars anniversary package contains a music cd, 32-page history booklet, and the

Call of Duty: Modern Mario – Super Mario with Guns

In celebration of all things Call of Duty, I found this sweet looking fanart by agentscarlet. As Loyal K.N.G. points out, it reminds me more of Metal Gear Solid, especially

Awesome Mario Mod is FREE – Mixes 1, 2, 3, World and Zelda!

Super Mario Bros. X has co-op, 50 levels, new power-ups, and combines elements of all of the old Mario Bros. games! The game starts off with a lot of familiar

Horrifying Truths of the Mushroom Kingdom РA Satirical Expos̩

This is a choose-your-own adventure, and you’ve decided to take the red pill. What? You wanted the blue pill? Well, you’re shit out of luck, because this adventure is low-tech