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The most disturbing Mario Kart video you’ll see ever

This may possibly be the most disturbing and funniest Mario Kart video you’ll see ever. (It’s definitely not for kids.) Mario is pissed off that non-Nintendo characters like Sonic the

Video Game Vixens Burlesque this Friday in Los Angeles!

Courtney Cruz is back! Yes, I am entertained by performance art and dancing, so you can imagine I adore movies like Black Swan and Moulin Rouge (among the popular titles).

Real Super Mario stud sells Mercedes to Japanese

Remember that one artwork of Mario where he looks super realistic and creepy? Well, this ain’t that artwork, and this real-life Mario looks like a tough mofo and is definitely

Ottawa Comiccon 2014: Interview with the voice of Mario, Charles Martinet

Considered by many to be the voice of their childhood hero, we interviewed the voice of everyone’s favourite Italian plumber, Mario, about his audition, leisure time and favourite fan interactions!

Nintendo to implement Season pass for its 1st-party games

DLC and Season Passes are the current trends for companies to make some extra money. Nintendo plans to give the Season Pass route “a shot” with their 1st party games beginning with Mario Golf: World Tour

Shut up and take my money! Life-size electric Mario Karts for sale!

Nerds around the world, join hands and join in the celebration of what could possibly be the best move Nintendo has made in the last ten years…actual working Mario Karts!

Mario Kart 8 coming May 30th – Koopalings added

Break out those Wii U systems soon, since Mario Kart 8 will be released on May 30th. Mario, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi and the rest of the crew will have even

Introducing NES Remix – Play Nintendo 8-bit games like never before

Yeah, we get mad whenever a company shuts down a fan-made game that adds a new spin on an old classic. We are, however, super happy when the company finally

Patent Pending TV presents ‘Hey Mario’

We may all be nerds and geeks, but we’re all human too. Some of us are blessed to be in relationships, while others aren’t as lucky and are still stuck

Nintendo: 90% of new gamers can’t finish 1-1 of Super Mario Bros…WHAT!?

Update: The original report was intended as a satire. When I first read this, I thought to myself, “This has to be a joke. There’s no way this could be

New Super Mario Bros Wii U: Old Traditions, New Additions

It’s easy and a bit trendy to make fun of the Mario series, but if a formula isn’t broken, don’t fix it! Yes I will admit it’s been almost the same

New Smash Bros (Next Gen) information will be announced at E3 2013

It was a huge surprise when Nintendo passed off development of the next Smash Bros. title to Namco Bandai games rather than leaving it in-house. Masahiro Sakurai is working with

Paper Mario: Sticker Star Review – The power of Wishes and Stickers

Mario’s adventures have led developers to think outside of the box for the many different games featuring puzzles, sports, strategy and even fighting games. While fans of the famous plumber

Mario and Luigi love to beat the crap out of each other

Blue Goggles Film has created a gritty and tough, knuckle-brawler fan film starring your favorite video game brothers, Mario and Luigi. They were once loving brothers, but now they’re out

Ukiyo-e illustrations of video games

For those that don’t know what Ukiyo-e (pronounced ooh-key-yo-eh) is, it is a form of art in Japan using wood blocks. The name Ukiyo-e is translated in English as “pictures

Donkey Kong meets with his agent

The good people at Dorkly has created a very funny video that sheds a light on how Donkey Kong Country came to be. It has Donkey Kong, his agent, and

Nintendo Sales for December Released and the Top Seller Is…

2011 is over and 2012 means more video games. Nintendo has released sales numbers of the top Wii, 3DS and DS games. So let us take a look at the

It’s Luigi’s Turn to Save the Princess

Here’s a choose your own adventure video starring Luigi. Luigi prepares for a special date with Daisy. The problem is that Daisy is being kidnapped inside a haunted mansion. It

Mario Sets PETA Straight About Wearing Tanooki Suits

It all started when PETA created a 2D side-scrolling game that has you playing a tanooki trying to save your skin from Mario. PETA thinks that Nintendo is sending people

Your Favorite 8-Bit Icons Will Be Reuniting in ‘Video Game Reunion’ Web Series

Atom.com and GameTrailers.com have teamed up to give us a new video game parody web series, Video Game Reunion, about what would happen if your favorite classic video game characters