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Sony’s first premium large format experience, Sony Digital Cinema, is spectacular

Sony is a well-known juggernaut in the home theater world, and it is finally diving into the full cinema experience. It has partnered with Galaxy Theaters for a complete movie

Can you survive Jigsaw’s death traps? Saw Escape Room review

When Lionsgate released the first “Saw” film back in 2004, no one could’ve predicted that a low budget horror movie would end up being one of the most successful horror

What we really want to see at CES 2016

With that cold week in Las Vegas (Nevada) soon approaching, we’re reminded of the amazing technology we’ve encountered over the years at the world’s most prominent convention for nerds who

Wizard World Gaming Cons coming in 2016

Update: Wizard World has canceled Wizard World Gaming Atlanta. The premiere will be in Portland. You read that right, the geek world’s biggest travelling comic con is setting its sights

Transformers to have a Las Vegas exhibit

If you’re a Transformers fan, you should make a note to visit “The Transformers Experience” exhibit when it opens at Las Vegas’ Treasure Island Hotel & Casino in 2016. Fans

Game Awards 2014: The Legend of Zelda Wii U

The 2014 Game Awards happened yesterday and both Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma were happy to bring some joy to every Nintendo fan with a world premiere. This year they

2013 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention cosplay gallery!

We went to the 2013 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention this month and saw so many awesome costumes!!! We placed some here and will be adding more!

Fight Game Community helps get Kevin ‘Dieminion’ Landon to EVO

Every year well known players around the world, as well as rising stars, gather in Las Vegas to compete in Evolution (EVO) for huge cash payouts and the chance to

Black Hat & Def Con: Hackers paradise in Las Vegas

Black Hat & Def Con: Hackers paradise in Las Vegas