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Attack on Kraken Con 2014

Kraken Con is a two-day convention that was held at the Oakland Convention Center for the last 2 events. It features anime, cartoons, games and comics and focuses on enjoyable experience

Kraken Con 2014: A quick rap with Nikki Rapp

October 4th kicked off 2014’s second of the bi-annual Oakland con, Kraken Con. While there I had a chance to sit in on a panel with a voice actress who has

On and crackin’ at Kraken Con 2014!

Kraken Con is just around the corner and ready to shine some more light on the anime world. From October 4th to 5th you can come to the Oakland Convention

Crackin’ at Kraken Con

At first sight Kraken Con looks rather small, and compared to other nerd conventions, it is. When you delve deeper, you’ll find an inviting, friendly and fun atmosphere for cosplayers,

Weekend BANG! #13: Kraken-Con Review

Sir Aaron Carter releasing the Kraken today on this episode of the Weekend bang! This week it’s all about the O town (that’s right Oakland), as The Videogame Bang crew

5 things I’m looking forward to at Kraken Con 2014

Fresh off of the high from Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con, the Videogame BANG! Crew caught wind of another convention that will grace Northern California on April 6th in the