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CES 2017: Kingston shows off new SSDS and 2TB flash drive

Kingston had a very successful CES run this year as they showed off many new and updated products that are all affordable and made for the both the consumer and

CES 2016: Kingston’s Hyper X gaming headset and business products

Kingston had a fairly big presence this year at CES 2016, showcasing new products and value when it comes to its technology. One of the first things we saw in

CES 2014 Kingston line up

Kingston always has some very innovated new toys for us each year at CES. Last year we reviewed the Kingston Hyper X Memory and SSD, and it made a huge

Kingston HyperX 120g SandForce SF-2281 SSD Review

Why, oh great tech gods, why have I not done this sooner. Seeing the SSD craze at CES this year, we have decided it was about time we got our