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Microsoft to show new IPs at E3?

With E3 on the way and no one really knowing what to expect exactly, Microsoft’s very own Phil Spencer took to the web to let people know just a little of

Microsoft surrenders! $399 Xbox One without Kinect June 9th

Well the shoe is definitely on the other foot now as today has been a massive reality check for Microsoft. As everyone knows money is the number one motivator of

Trolling the Xbox One Kinect

I think the most terrifying of all the Xbox One’s features is that its new Kinect is always on…it’s always watching, judging and spying on you. It’s really creepy when

Fighter Within to use the Xbox One Kinect (gameplay trailer)

Here’s a game that you might be interested in for the Kinect for Xbox One. It’s called Fighter Within, and it’ll give you a chance to fight with your friends.

Microsoft’s Kinect will spy on your buying habits at stores

Afraid that the Xbox One Kinect was going to spy on you at home, especially during your “extra” curricular activities? Well, now a company is using the Kinect to spy

Improvements for the Xbox One’s Kinect

Love it or hate it, the Kinect for the Xbox One will be bundled with the new system. Even if you’re not a fan of the Kinect, you have to

Xbox One no longer needs the Kinect

Looks like the guys over at Microsoft need themselves a DeLorean because they’re trying to undo a lot of their past claims for their Xbox One. A couple months ago,

Oculus Rift and the Kinect bring a new twist on a classic title

Certainly one of the big talks from this year’s E3, was the new Virtual Reality head unit, the Oculus Rift. The VR headset received a lot of buzz on the

Xbox One features 500GB HDD, 8 GB of Ram and out this year

In the last few months the new Xbox console had many names: Durango, Xbox Infinity, Xbox 720. Today it was finally announced as the Xbox One. The Xbox One will

Xbox One will have Snap feature, run multiple apps at once including Skype

Thanks to the new Kinect Sensor we shall dub Kinect 2.0 for the Xbox One, it will allow you to give voice commands to do just about everything. Life just got

XBOX 360 with Kinect Nike+ bundle

Well it seems like a ten year anniversary Xbox 360 is not the only version this holiday season. Recently Amazon started listing a new Xbox 360 bundle that would include

Iron Man and Minority Report tech powered by Kinect

If you’ve seen the Iron Man films, you must be familiar with J.A.R.V.I.S., Tony Stark’s artificially intelligent computer. One of the coolest tech demonstrated was when Tony can easily manipulate

Microsoft hosting Mixer for former OnLive employees

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that OnLive went bankrupt and had to fire half of its staff in order to pay off creditors and restructure. Microsoft is now trying

Mass Effect 3 Kinect cheat sheet

We are less than a few weeks from the immanent attack of the Reapers. With the fate of the universe hanging in the balance, you cannot afford to screw this up. Luckily

Xbox 360 Star Wars Bundle release date

Xbox 360 Star Wars Bundle release date

Is Mass Effect 3 really better with the Kinect?

So is Mass Effect 3 going to be better with the Kinect? BioWare seems to think so (I’d like to think that Microsoft is pushing BioWare to implement Kinect compatibility).

Kinect SDK 1.0 for Windows Shipping out!

As previously announced at CES 2012, the Windows SDK 1.0 Kinect Hardware will be available as of today and begin shipping out for the price of $249. But do not

Kinect Mod for Skyrim Gives Players Full Motion Control and Voice Commands

After this year’s E3, gamers were somewhat relieved when Microsoft ensured that there would be more integration with the Kinect using hardcore titles such as Mass Effect 3 and Ghost

Get Inside of Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor’s Mechs – Trailer

Steel Battalion, the Capcom game on Xbox that spawned a controller packing 40 buttons, two sticks, and three pedals, is getting a sequel on Kinect. However, foregoing the gigantic controller,

Hands On Video Preview: ‘Kinect Disneyland Adventures’ at D23 Expo

At D23 Expo, the NerdReactor.com crew walked for 3 days exploring the Anaheim Convention Center to see what Disney had in store for the future for movies, television, theme parks

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