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Superman: Unbound Review

  [WARNING SOME SPOILERS MAY BE INCLUDED] Superman: Unbound is DC’s latest full length animated feature release where Superman and Supergirl take on Brainiac to save the Earth. Superman is

If Justice League happens, Zack Snyder says he’ll be asked to direct

Gangster Squad director Ruben Fleischer recently mentioned that Zack Snyder was going to eventually direct the Justice League movie. It looks like that story is getting more legit, since Zack Snyder

Ryan Reynolds isn’t interested in returning as Green Lantern for the Justice League movie

I remember when Green Lantern first came out. I was sort of excited to see it and figured it would be an alright film. Once the movie was over, I

Christopher Nolan in talks to produce the Justice League and possibly bring Christian Bale with him

The Justice League movie was going through a lot of problems and hope for the movie’s success started dwindling… until we heard The Dark Knight trilogy’s director Christopher Nolan is

The Rock says Lobo film may not happening after all

Some sad news for those interested in the DC Comics film universe. During a recent interview for his upcoming movie Snitch, “The Great One” revealed his plans to play the

Is Warner Bros looking for a new writer for Justice League?

Poor, poor Warner Bros, they just do not know what to do with their DC properties. It’s a shame really. With so many iconic characters on the DC roster they

Justice League won’t happen unless Man of Steel is a success?

Art by Michael Turner It was reported that the WB was planning to have the Justice League film be out in 2015. Now, it seems that the release year and

Justice League movie characters possibly revealed with only 5 main superheroes

Since Marvel generated so much hype and flare with The Avengers, it would be obvious that DC would want to do a Justice League film. So far it has been

Justice League: Are these the heroes we’ll be getting in the movie?

Warner Bros. has been doing a good job of keeping mums on the production of the Justice League film. The internet has also been doing a good job of pumping

Ben Affleck still in the running to direct the Justice League movie?

It was rumored before that Ben Affleck was on Warner Bros’ radar to direct the ensemble Justice League movie starring Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. It’s a big superhero team

Rumors: Is this the villain for the Justice League movie?

The rumor mills just keep turning for the Justice League. Nothing official about the movie has been announced yet but that still doesn’t keep us from fantasizing who will be on the

Justice League news roundup: Joseph Gordon-Levitt reps deny Batman rumors; Zack Snyder hints at DC cinematic universe

We all know that Warner Bros holds Christopher Nolan with the highest regards. After all, Nolan was Warner’s first choice to direct the Justice League. Now, it seems that Warner Bros

Avengers 2 vs. Justice League: The battle for the box office

I am not a witty man, I tried coming up with a title that would capture the epic epicness of a battle that would bestow us in 2015. Yes, people

Armie Hammer…Batman…Armie Hammer…Batman

With the success of Marvel’s The Avengers, you can bet your ass that Warner Bros. is looking to cash in on the ensemble superhero mania by pushing forward with the

Marvel’s Kevin Feige gives his opinion on DC’s Justice League movie plans

There is no doubt that The Avengers: Phase One was a huge success for Marvel Studios and Disney. Naturally, Warner Brothers and DC are anxious to get sum-of-dat cheddar (money,

Justice League movie to possibly include Lobo played by The Rock

There’s been so much news lately surrounding the Justice League movie. Most recent would be who is in the running for directing duties on the film. We do know that

Superman and Wonder Woman will get it on like Donkey Kong

Check out the cover for DC’s Justice League #12. For fans of Superman and Lois, this will be a bad thing. For those who always wondered what it would be

Ben Affleck in talks to direct Justice League

Not to be outdone by all these Avengers news, Variety is reporting that Warner Bros is eyeing Gone Baby Gone director, Ben Affleck, to direct the long-gestating Justice League movie. After Christopher Nolan declared himself

Rocksteady to work on Silver Age of Justice League game?

News has surfaced that Rocksteady will be working on the Silver Age Batman/Justice League game. According to Variety, it will be based on Batman’s first encounter the Joker. This was

Comic Hit List: The 52 List Pt. 01

In the next few days we’ll be releasing a series of reviews concerning the big DC universe reboot. In these reviews we’ll describe the highs to the lows and the