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SDCC 2018: Rotten Tomatoes’ Your Opinion Sucks Live! is a highlight at Comic-Con

Rotten Tomatoes Your Opinion Sucks Live! is one of the most fun and awesome public events during San Diego Comic-Con. It’s a live-streamed event where audiences can engage with hosts Mark Ellis

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a 4DX masterpiece

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is another one of 2018’s summer blockbusters that received the 4DX treatment. But how does the film feel with 4DX compared to the others? Well, its

‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ is all roar and no chomp (review)

“Welcome… to Jurassic World.” 25 years! That’s how long it’s been since the Jurassic Park franchise kicked off its dino-stomping rampage! The Michael Crichton inspired film has been a catalyst for

Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Fan Event to be held at Universal Studios Hollywood

It’s a good year to be a Jurassic Park fan. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the sequel to Jurassic World, is coming out in June. And then there’s Jurassic World Evolution, a

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom behind-the-scenes video features Jeff Goldblum and Carnotaurus

Universal is premiering the trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom tomorrow, and it has been hyping fans up with a trailer tease. Today, it has released a behind-the-scenes video featuring

Jeff Goldblum will return in the Jurassic World sequel

Jurassic World was a surprisingly fun reboot/continuation of the originally Jurassic Park trilogy. It has just officially signed Jeff Goldblum to join the upcoming sequel to the film. To say

Jurassic World devours records with record-breaking numbers

Exceeding all expectations, Jurassic World now has the second biggest box office opening weekend of all time with $204.6 million, less than $3 million behind The Avengers smashing 2012 opening of $207.4

Sesame Street parodies Jurassic Park called ‘Jurassic Cookie’

Just in time for the release of Jurassic World, Sesame Street added Jurassic Park into their list of educational parodies. We have the Cookie Monster creating a world full of dinosaur

Play the dino, be the dino in Lego Jurassic World

Due to hit store shelves June 12th, Lego Jurassic World features dinosaurs, dinosaurs, and more dinosaurs as previewed in the new trailer. Of course, with a lead up like that

Interview with the original T-Rex on returning to the Jurassic World

If some of you haven’t heard, the original Tyrannosaurus Rex from the 1994 movie, Jurassic Park, is making her return to the spotlight. It’s been almost 20 years since the original movie’s

See Vincent D’onofrio as the head of Jurassic World security

A new video has popped up revealing actor Vincent D’onofrio, who’s going to play Kingpin in the upcoming Daredevil series, as Vic Hoskins, the head of security for InGen. It’s

Lego Jurassic World gets a teaser trailer

The fine folks over at Traveller’s Tales Games have set their sights on another huge franchise to build into your living room. Lego Jurassic World will include all four Jurassic park movies

Better look at the hybrid dinosaur in Jurassic World

Jurassic World will be introducing a hybrid dinosaur, with reports saying it’s the Indominus Rex, aka the D-Rex. Now we get a better look at the new creature with these promo

Here’s a look at the hybrid dinosaur, the D-rex, from Jurassic World

The premiere trailer for Jurassic World was released this week, and in it we get to learn about a new hybrid dinosaur that’s been created by the Jurassic World team.

Jurassic World director commentates on the trailer and reveals when the park opened

John Hammond had a dream. He wanted to create a world where humans and dinosaurs can co-exist in the same era. He wanted a theme park and resort that allowed

The Jurassic World trailer is here

The Jurassic World trailer is finally here, and we get to learn about the story and see a lot of juicy dinosaur footage. The newest thing the movie adds to the

Jurassic World gets a teaser for the teaser

With the age of the Internet, it’s now becoming a trend for companies to send out a teaser to tease the teaser trailer. (Try saying that three times.) Now we

Jurassic World teases East Dock image

Remember the scene in Jurassic Park when Dennis Nedry accidentally knocks down the East Dock sign in the heavy rain? Well, that sign has been teased in a new photo

Walking with Dinosaurs arena spectacular is a MUST!

Walking with Dinosaurs is a limited arena style show currently playing at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA (September 3-7 and then at Staples Center in LA from September 11-15) featuring full-sized

RIP Jurassic Park’s Richard Attenborough

I’ve got some sad news for fans of Richard Attenborough. The Oscar-winning director and actor passed away at the age of 90. He directed films like Gandhi, starring Sir Ben Kingsley,

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