Robert Downey Jr. teases something for tomorrow. Could it be Avengers-related?

black sabbath

Update: So it looks like Robert Downey Jr. was teasing us with his upcoming movie, The Judge, since the movie’s Facebook page shared the image. But what if The Judge was also excited to tease Avengers? With Marvel and Disney releasing the official synopsis recently, Robert Downey Jr. tweeted that he … Continue reading

Handicapped 3-year-old boy gets Iron Man prosthetic hand


Here’s a sweet story. A 3-year-old boy named Rayven “Bubba” Kahae has ABS (amniotic band syndrome), a condition that affects a baby’s development. (In his case, his hand was never fully developed.) Luckily, a team that creates 3D-printed prosthetic hands, E-Nabling, was able to grant Bubba with one that’s inspired by Iron … Continue reading

Mickey Rourke disses Marvel Studios on TV

mickey rourke marvel seth meyers

The general consensus is that Iron Man 2 is a big letdown. There was a lot of potential, but it was bogged down by subplots including Nick Fury trying to convince Iron Man to join the Avengers. Another missed opportunity was exploring more of Whiplash, portrayed by actor Mickey Rourke. While promoting … Continue reading

Tony Stark to go back to his playboy roots in Superior Iron Man


Marvel is on a roll with big announcements for its top-tier characters. First it was Thor becoming a female. Second was Captain America becoming black. Marvel has sent out an announcement revealing a fresh-but-not-so-fresh take on Iron Man with the upcoming Superior Iron Man #1 by writer Tom Taylor (Injustice: Gods Among … Continue reading

Spider-Man could possibly appear in Avengers 3!


Yes, this is NOT a joke. It is NOT April Fools. This is very very real. Rob Liefeld the co-founder of Image Comics and X-Force creator recently tweeted to his followers that Marvel Entertainment is attempting to undercut any and all support of the X-Men franchise. 20th Century Fox who owns both … Continue reading

Terrence Howard puts Robert Downey Jr on blast for not helping him reprise his role in Iron Man 2


Terrence Howard, who played James Rhodes in the first Iron Man film, has been known to express his bitterness towards Marvel Studios. He says that the studio didn’t honor the three-picture contract deal they had, because Marvel doesn’t believe Howard should be getting paid a lot for the sequels. Well, … Continue reading

Iron Man invades Comikaze Expo


Stan Lee’s Comikaze had another successful year with great guests, some really cool panels and tons of exhibitors selling stuff that makes you go, “Take my money!” One thing I noticed was Iron Man being in full force all over including the Yes Anime Booth, where you could pre-order or buy … Continue reading

The Infinity Gems and the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe


[WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!] If you had recently watched Thor: The Dark World, you most likely saw the post credits scene which holds a huge message for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you left the theater early and didn’t see it, then you have … Continue reading

The United States Military has commissioned a real life Iron Man/War Machine suit! Whaaaat?


I am absolutely speechless at this….okay that’s a lie – in fact I’m the opposite and am filled with a lot of words. Iron Man has made such a massive impact on this generation that it’s both surprising and expected that our military would stick their hands into this kind … Continue reading

Being Iron Man IRL: How to (kinda) dress like Tony Stark every day


In this new geek style series, we explore major characters in the nerd-world and their preferred choice of fashion. Let this be a guide to how you can add to your wardrobe to emulate these popular specimens in real life, but not actually cosplay as them everyday. See the first … Continue reading

Giveaway: 3D Wall Art Avengers nightlight


How’s it going true believers! We’ve got a really cool giveaway for you Avengers fans today. We’re giving one lucky winner a chance to get their hands on one of these cool nightlights to put within their home! In order to win go to the comments section below and answer … Continue reading

Tired of people sneaking up behind you? Now you can stay alert with the Tingling Electronic Spidey Sense Shirt


Are you a paranoid person who thinks the world is out to get you? Thanks to ThinkGeek, you can feel safer with the Tingling Electronic Spidey Sense Shirt, since you’ll be more alert of your surroundings. The front of the shirt features an artwork Spider-Man’s head with tingling action. On … Continue reading

Joss Whedon confirms Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Iron Man for The Avengers 2

iron man quicksilver scarlet witch

Joss Whedon has hinted that the superhero brother and sister, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, were going to be in the Avengers 2, saying that there was going to be “a brother/sister act.” EW later confirmed that it was indeed actually them. Now, Joss Whedon has confirmed it himself to IGN. “You know, … Continue reading