Injustice: Gods Among Us and inFAMOUS: First Light will be free on PS Plus soon


Sony is stepping it up again for the month of December and January when it comes to free games for PlayStation Plus members. Let’s start with the bad news. Driveclub PS Plus Edition is not yet ready for launch and won’t be included in the Instant Game Collection soon. The … Continue reading

Injustice: Gods Among Us gets an Ultimate edition


In a move that’s just in time for the holiday season, NetherRealm and Warner Bros. Interactive announced today that there will be an Ultimate Edition to their DC Comic superhero fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us. The Ultimate Edition will include the original game, as well as all the DLC released … Continue reading

Zatanna magics her way into Injustice DLC roster


The new characters just keep on coming for DC and NetherRealm fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us. This time, NetherRealm announced that female magician Zatanna will be joining the cast in a new trailer, bringing a flurry of spells and some trickery to the game. Zatanna is a stage magician … Continue reading

Martian Manhunter DLC now available for Injustice


One of the most requested superheroes for the game, J’onn J’onzz, a.k.a. the Martian Manhunter, is now available for download as DLC for the DC Comics and NetherRealm fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us. This makes him the fifth character that has been released for the game so far, following … Continue reading

New Injustice trailer tells you to kneel before Zod


It seems like either NetherRealm studios is contractually obligated to help promote the new Man of Steel movie featuring Superman, or the timing of this latest Injustice DLC reveal is just too spot on. Either way, the villains will be getting a welcome face on their side, as the fearsome General … Continue reading

Scorpion revealed for Injustice DLC

Rumors have been flying for weeks about Mortal Kombat’s star character making an appearance in NetherRealm’s superhero fighting game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and they’ve finally been confirmed. The face of Mortal Kombat, Scorpion, will soon be joining the likes of Lobo and Batgirl as a DLC character for the … Continue reading

Batgirl enters the Injustice: Gods Among Us universe in a trailer reveal

Lobo was released this week as a DLC for Injustice: Gods Among Us. With three more DLC characters left, Batgirl has been revealed to be the next one. Warner Bros. Interactive has released a new story trailer for the female caped crusader. Judging from the story trailer, it looks like … Continue reading

Lobo is the ‘Main Man’ in his Injustice: Gods Among Us trailer

Lobo Injustice

Lobo is a mercernary/bounty hunter who is the last member of his race, the Czarnians. Well, he did have a helping hand in that by committing genocide on them. He also enjoys violence, intoxication, and long walks on the beach. Now we’ll get to play this anti-hero in Injustice: Gods … Continue reading

Injustice Storyline Review (Slight Spoilers)


From the creators of Mortal Kombat comes Injustice: Gods Among Us. Quite honestly one of the best DC brawlers out there! Not that we have much to choose from, but this would be hard to top. As a DC fan, I was looking forward to this game for quite sometime … Continue reading

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Nightwing vs. Nightwing


[WARNING! SPOILERS] The much anticipated game Injustice: Gods Among Us has had a tidbit of information released regarding the beloved Batman character, Nightwing. Instead it is said that Dick Grayson has been killed by the new Nightwing who is revealed as… Well let’s give some backstory first. Most of you … Continue reading

Batman and Superman will face off in the Injustice Battle Arena finals


The Injustice Battle Arena is now down to the last two DC characters, Superman and Batman. Superman and Batman recently beat Green Lantern and The Flash, respectively, during the semi-final rounds. Now we’re heading to the final showdown that starts on April 8th. This is pretty much a popularity contest anyway, … Continue reading

Injustice: Gods Among Us gets a Harley Quinn and Doomsday story trailer

Unjustice Gods among us harley quinn trailer

Injustice: Gods Among Us has two new trailers featuring the fan-favorite Harley Quinn and the the deadly Doomsday. The trailers show what roles these villains will have in the game. Harley Quinn Trailer Doomsday Trailer Injustice: Gods Among Us will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U … Continue reading

Latest Injustice trailer shows off Lex Luthor


Lex Luthor’s been known to be a part of the Injustice roster for a while now, but not much is known about him, be it his fighting style, or his reasoning for taking part in the chaos that’s going on in the story of the game. While the latest trailer … Continue reading

Injustice gameplay videos get bloody violent with Batman, Bane, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn

Injustice Harley Quinn

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment are doing a battle showdown with the Injustice: Gods Among Us heroes and villains. In the Injustice Battle Arena, fans get to vote for who they think would win in a match (they also get a chance to win prizes). For the first … Continue reading

Here’s some Lex Luthor in your Injustice trailer

Lex Luthor Injustice

You’ve probably looked at the Injustice: Gods Among Us roster and thought to yourself, “Goddamn, why so many Batman characters? Why can’t I get a villain from another DC franchise for some freaking variety?” Well, here you go. A dose a Lex Luthor in the latest Injustice trailer to help … Continue reading

‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ gets a fight stick for the Battle Edition in North America

injustice GAU_Battle Edition_XBOX

Are you a fighting game fan? If you are, then you probably have had at least one fight stick controller in your lifetime. If you haven’t, there’s no shame in admitting that, and now is a good time to start. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment have announced a … Continue reading

Deathstroke joins the Injustice cast, brings lots of guns


For those of you noticing that there was a bit of a lack of villain support for DC and NetherRealm’s Injustice, the developers hear you loud and clear. NetherRealm announced earlier that the gun-toting, sword-swinging, extremely dangerous mercenary Slade Wilson, a.k.a. Deathstroke, is taking part as one of the selectable … Continue reading