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Image of Blake Lively as Carol Ferris as Barbie Doll in Green Lantern

Here’s a couple of images of Blake Lively as Carol Ferris in her flight suit in live-action and also as a Barbie doll. Here’s the description on the box: Carol

Another Green Lantern Poster, Now Diagonal

It looks like the marketing hype is kicking into high gear with another Green Lantern poster hitting the web. The poster features Hal Jordan, Kilowog, Sinestro, and Tomar-Re. I’m looking

Ryan Reynolds Says Green Lantern Will Have Star Wars-like Epic Journey

Green Lantern star Ryan Reynolds is pretty excited about this movie. How excited? Excited enough to mention that it’ll be kind of like Star Wars. Here’s what he had to

Now THIS Is the Green Lantern Corps

Now check out this sweet-ass banner with the lineup of some of the members of the Green Lantern Corps from the upcoming Green Lantern movie including Hal Jordan, Abin Sur,

Martin Campbell Says Green Lantern Will Show You Something You Haven’t Seen… A Space Adventure

Now here’s an interview with the Martin Campbell, the director of Green Lantern. He has been pretty busy as of late working non-stop on Green Lantern while Ryan Reynolds and

Sinstro and Kilowog Poster and Special FX Budget Increased

Here are two new posters from DC’s Green Lantern, featuring Mark Strong as Sinestro, and Kilowog. We know that the special effects are still being worked on (reason for the

New Green Lantern Images: S***! That’s a Damn Minigun!

Yes, the Green Lantern footage from WonderCon 2011 was awesome, but the Green Lantern suit still looks fake. But think of it this way, maybe the alien technology isn’t capable

How to Make Your Green Lantern Costume Even Better

With June 17 looming in the corners of our calendars, The Green Lantern premier will sure attract fans in their green costumes. Will you be going as him? Regardless of

Michael Clarke Duncan to Possibly Voice Kilowog in Green Lantern

It seems that the post production team of Green Lantern is burning the midnight oil. Two weeks ago it was announced that Geoffrey Rush will be voicing the bird/fish-esque alien

Full CG Body Shot of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

Here’s the full body shot of the CG suit as seen digitally worn by Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern. I know for a fact that you guys will love his

New Green Lantern Banner with Hal Jordan Posing on Oa

Now here’s a new banner featuring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, posing in front of Oa, the secondary homeworld to the Guardians of the Universe. Green Lantern hits theaters on

Nerd Reactor Podcast – Green Lantern Wonder Con Footage Reactions

At this year’s Wonder Con, Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the cast of The Green Lantern visited San Francisco to show off new footage from the film. Luckily, our

WC 2011: Green Lantern Footage From WonderCon Hits the Web

On the first day of WonderCon, everybody was talking about the footage that was seen at the Green Lantern panel. Quickly, word spread around the internet about the highly  praised

Green Lantern WonderCon 2011 Footage Description

Hey guys, we’re done with day one of WonderCon and just finished a bottle of Guinness, and I feel sooo good. Oh so good. So Geoff Johns presented the Green

Geoffrey Rush Will Voice Green Lantern’s Tomar-Re

So news is that Geoffrey Rush will voice Tomar-Re, the bird-beaked alien that teaches Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) how to use his powers as a Green Lantern. I love Geoffrey

‘Green Lantern’ Plans to Premiere New Trailer in Front of ‘Thor’

Now this is what I like to see, DC and Marvel joining hand-in-hand and promoting each other like BFFs. The Green Lantern trailer is planned to be released in front

Nerd Reactor Podcast – Episode #3 “Mobile vs Console”

In this edition of our podcast, while talking about how exciting Arkham City is, I(Ryan) get made fun of for trying to use hookshot (Zelda) interchangeably with grappling hook (Batman).

Abin Sur Is Looking Purplish in This New Green Lantern Pic

Green Lantern #64 comic has a new pic of Abin Sur, the predecessor to Hal Jordan. I hope it’s just the scan that makes him look really purple, but I

‘Green Lantern’ Cast Will Be at WonderCon 2011 in San Francisco April 1st

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have announced that the cast of Green Lantern will be attending WonderCon 2011 in San Francisco on Friday, April 1st. There will be signings and

Green Lantern Images Show Us Non-Hero Images

Here are two new images for the Green Lantern movie. What better way to show off a superhero movie than to promote screenshots of our hero sitting at a bar.