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Google Glass will make photography creepy

Some photographers have a bad rep for being creepy. When the Google Glass comes out, be prepared for more creepiness everywhere. Grovo’s new parody video, “Google Glass Photographer”, shows you what will

Google Glass: Applications wanted! Now you can look like Geordi La Forge!

Google’s Project Glass has just issued out the Google Glass – A visor-like smartphone that you can interact with the internet via voice commands. It sits on your ears like

‘Ingress’ will glue you to your Android even more!

It seems that Google has done it again. Rather than to let me get on with my day, it has created an augmented reality game, Ingress, that uses your Android

Google says the ball is on Apple’s court to add Maps to iPhone 5

Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt spoke at a recent Tokyo event and talked about the controversial move by Apple to ditch Google Maps in favor of their own Map app

We’ll soon see you on Google+ with Verified Accounts

We’ll soon see you on Google+ with Verified Accounts

Building with virtual LEGOs

A Google team based in Australia has teamed up with LEGO and have built an application that turns Australia and New Zealand into a giant LEGO board. People will be

Google’s augmented-reality glasses will make you feel like Iron Man

Google is working on a new project called Project Glass where users can wear augmented-reality glasses. These glasses will be based on the Android mobile software and will make you

Tokyo Japan district court orders Google to stop auto-complete function

Japan district court orders Google to stop auto-complete function

Samsung and Google Take the Top Spot in the Mobile Phone Market

For the three months ending in November, Samsung has been number 1 in the handset market, and Google’s Android has the most U.S. market shares in the smartphone department. Samsung’s

Android Market Reaches 10 Billion Downloaded Apps

Android Market has reached a new milestone. 10 billion apps have been downloaded so far with over a billion apps being downloaded every month currently. Over half of the 10

Apple and Google Say No to ESRB Ratings

The ESRB rating system is the standard rating system for video games. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android reign supreme in the mobile gaming market. It seemed it would be a

Google Is Broken – Adchemy & Microsoft Revolutionize Everything!

Adchemy is going to take over Google Ad Sense.

Google Adds Outlines in Maps One Box for Zip Codes and Cities

Probably not the most useful feature that Google releases, but this will at least help visual and inquisitive people like me. Now when you search zip codes and cities on

Michael Vick Speaks Out Against a Dog Fighting Android App

Just removed from the Android Market and stiring up a lot of controversy is Kage Games’ mobile app Dog Wars. The Android based game plays much like Mafia Wars, only

Google Celebrates Birthday for ‘Father of Science Fiction’

Today, Google unveiled a new Google doodle on its search page. An interactive underwater sub controlled by a joystick on the right. Using the arrow keys you can dive and

The Google HDTV by SONY, Say WHAT!?

SONY and Google team up to bring us the latest in television and web browsing technology. Accompanied with both pleasures will also premier the Android apps!

T-Mobile G2 with Google Phone Preview

Back in October of 2008, the T-Mobile Google G1 was released in the U.S. with the U.K. release following not too long after. The G1 was the grand daddy of