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Google’s Call Screening rolling out to original Pixel and Pixel XL

Possibly one of the best features that the Pixel has to offer is the innovative Call Screen. The feature allows your Google Assistant to screen calls from unknown numbers, ask who’s

You can now pre-order Google’s new Pixel Slate

Google has now officially made the new Pixel Slate available for pre-order through both Google and Best Buy with a release date of November 22, 2018. With 4 different models

Made by Google, the new Pixel 3 and other new products announced

There were absolutely zero surprises today from Google. Today on October 9, 2018, at 8:00 am PST was the heavily anticipated Made By Google event which was rumored for a

Pixel 2 update will fix buzzing issue

Not quite as popular as the last generation, the new Pixel 2 has been plagued with screen and audio issues that have caused some early adopters to remain weary. But

Are Switch preorder sales misleading?

Overall, the hype for the upcoming Nintendo Switch console is positive. There are some concerns about the price and online infrastructure, but the media coverage, as a whole, seems great

Two new Android Wear devices coming early in 2017

Google has confirmed that it will release two new smartwatches powered by Android Wear 2.0 in the first quarter of 2017. Not only will these be the first smartwatches to

Google set to announce its own phone October 4

As if the smartphone market wasn’t crowded enough, Google is throwing its hat into the ring on October 4th with the launch of its new phone: the Pixel. An alleged leak

My experiences with four digital assistants

By Kevin Casper Have you used a digital, voice-activated assistant? I’ve used four. I wanted to share some of my experiences, insights, and comparisons of them. A quick look at

Person fired due to Google April Fools’ prank

It’s April Fools’ Day, and Google shot itself in the foot. It released a new prank feature that added a new button, the Gmail Mic Drop. It’s an alternative send

Google’s Project Fi is now invite free

Last year Google launched its own cell phone service, Project Fi, in select areas and with select phones. Up until now, you had to be invited to try out the

Google has released Star Wars: The Force Awakens experience, plus VR coming soon

Star Wars mania is getting bigger and bigger as Star Wars: The Force Awakens draws near, and now fans having something more to be excited about. Disney has teamed up

What we learned from the 2015 Google Nexus Event

Google officially announced its new line of products yesterday. Although none of it may have been too much of a surprise due to leaks, it is still good to see

Gmail is saving your email relationships – you’re welcome

We have all had that moment of panic. That moment when you accidentaly hit that SEND button on an email when you weren’t ready. Maybe you sent it to the wrong

Five things we learned from Google I/O 2015 today

Today marked the start of Google’s annual developer conference, I/O. Google announced its plans for the future of Android and its hardware. Here are five of the biggest things we

CES 2015: Ford Motor Company

Since the inclusion of computer technology becoming more emphasized in motor vehicles, the inclusion of motor vehicle manufacturers at CES have been an interesting diversion from the smaller toys at

Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 (review)

The holidays are just around the corner, and you’re either an avid book reader or know someone who is. I mean, c’mon, nerds read! Why else would you be on

Nexus 6 and 9 to be the first to carry Android Lollipop

Android 5.0 Lollipop is coming, and today Google has announced that the first devices to carry the new mobile operating system would be Motorola’s Nexus 6 phablet and HTC’s Nexus 9

Google Street View lets you explore the worlds of Destiny with ‘Planet View’

For those of us who’ve used Google Maps in the past, Street View has been a lifesaver when trying to figure out which of your neighbors would make great friends

Google buying Twitch for $1 billion confirmed?

There were talks that Google was planning to buy Twitch earlier this year for $1 billion. The amount was huge, and now it looks like it actually might be confirmed, according

Unreal demo shows off PC-quality graphics on mobile

Are you guys ready to be blown away? Google is working with Unreal and NVIDIA to help bring PC-quality graphics to the mobile market. Check out the Unreal Engine 4