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Godzilla trailer reveals our first look at the legendary monster

In the wake of the Godzilla roar that was revealed yesterday, Legendary and Warner Bros have released a brand new trailer for Godzilla. Similar to the previous trailer, the new

This is what Godzilla’s going to sound like in the movie

Godzilla fans are excited about the updated look of the King of the Monsters. There are no official images, but thanks to leaked photos, fans are able to get a

Godzilla towers over San Francisco in brand new poster

We’ve only seen snippets here and there of the titular monster, but this time Yahoo! Movies reveals our first look at Godzilla terrorizing San Francisco. It’s a different perspective of

Godzilla prequel graphic novel announced

Before Godzilla stomps his way into theaters on May 16th, the King of the Monsters will first be making waves on the printed pages of his very own graphic novel.

A better look at Godzilla from the new movie

We all know that the 1998 Godzilla movie was a travesty. One of the reasons for that was that Godzilla looked more like a dinosaur than he does a…Godzilla. With

30 films to look forward to in 2014

With everyone excited to watch the enormous blockbuster films of 2015, 2014 has its fair share of great films to look forward to as well. Here are 30 films, in

Godzilla teaser trailer is officially up

[UPDATED: With brand new one sheet] Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have just released the teaser trailer for Godzilla today, and what a teaser it is. Not only is the trailer

One of Godzilla 2014’s Foes Names REVEALED!

So we all know Godzilla is coming. We can hear the footsteps of one of cinema’s greatest beasts slowly approaching American shores. But he won’t be the only behemoth to

Another Godzilla trailer is leaked online

For the second time this month, a new Godzilla trailer has found its way onto the monitors of Kaiju fans across the interwebs. The first trailer gave us a small

New Godzilla teaser gives first look at enemy Kaiju

Holy [email protected]#$! Just breaking today, the very first trailer for Gareth Edward’s Godzilla. This is the very first full-motion glimpse fans have gotten of the legendary Toho monster. The trailer

Secondary Education short film pays homage to sentai, kaiju and 80s teen flicks

Having been a part of several film productions, big and small, I was excited the see the quality of this production within the first few frames. Smooth camera pan, clean

Leaked photo reveals Godzilla’s face?

During an expo in Sao Paolo, Brazil, a leaked image has given us what could be our definitive first look at the titular monster. The new leaked image seems to

SDCC 2013: Warner Bros. Q&A Panel for Gravity, The Lego Movie, Godzilla, and 300: Rise of an Empire

San Diego Comic-Con is always the grand show when it comes to releasing information on coming titles, and it looks like we won’t be disappointed. Warner Bros. was kind enough

Revealed! This is the 2014 Godzilla!

The Gareth Edwards Godzilla Facebook page has revealed our first look at how Godzilla is going to look in the 2014 film to be released on May 16th. The look very much

Godzilla is coming…

Legendary has released a website that allows you to track down Godzilla and his whereabouts. They have articles of his recent sightings and could be coming to San Diego’s Comic

Finally the Godzilla film we deserve

  With the recent success of film franchise reboots and lack of original movie ideas, we would really bank on the recreation of one of our most beloved childhood heroes

Cranson and Olsen in talks for Godzilla franchise!

Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) and Elizabeth Olsen (Silent House) are in talks with Legendary Pictures for the upcoming reboot of Godzilla. The script is being written by Frank Darabont (The

A Death Battle between Godzilla and Gamera?

The people over at Screw Attack’s Death Battle are still reeling from the massive amount of response they got from fans over the highly controversial episode featuring the fight between

Frank Darabont plans to stick closely to the original Godzilla

Just what the hell is going on over there at the Godzilla camp? If you haven’t heard by now, Legendary Pictures has ousted its previous producers and attached The Walking

David Goyer Re-Writes New Godzilla Film And New Godzilla Blu-Rays Coming Soon

“What you say?!!! Dark Knight writer David S. Goyer writing the new Godzilla movie? Why that is absurd!” Actually no. While David has been known to attribute his talents to