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Anime Expo announces Jessica Nigri, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Ryo Horikawa and Rikiya Koyama as 2012 Guest of Honors

It’s now less than a month away from Anime Expo and they’ve decided to save their big GoH announcements until today on their AX live show. This obviously has caused

Review: Cideko Conqueror Air Keyboard

The Cideko Conqueror is an air mouse, keyboard, and dual analog gamepad for both the PS3 and PC interface. Combining both the practical use of a text-gamer application and PC

Steelseries Fire Sale! Get everything you wanted NOW!

In celebration of of the Quad leap year as hinted just a few days ago on Steelseries’ Facebook, Steelseries is having a sale of up to 65% off on select products.

Maybe it’s time to get a bigger SD Card as Nintendo eShop limit is 2 Gigs

Whenever you want to release a downloadable game on a platform like Xbox Live, you are given a limit to how big the file can be. Nintendo has a similar

Say goodbye to Playstation Network and hello to Sony Entertainment Network

In a bit of an odd move, Sony has decided to phase out the name “PlayStation Network” and instead make it an all encompassing Sony Entertainment Network starting on February 8th. Nothing

Nyko Gaming alongside Yo Gabba Gabba!

In gaming there are so many accessory options and dozens of companies to boot, it sometimes can become hard to choose. Nyko has been an established name in gaming accessories

CES: Monster Takes Gaming to a New Level

Monster had an incredible press conference for CES, but the booth was an attraction all its own. The company is well known for its high quality cables and other accessories

Steelseries at CES 2012, DOTA 2!

As the title so enthusiastically suggests, yes, Steelseries has fully secured the contract with Valve and DOTA 2 as the official peripheral provider. So far this only includes a mousepad, but it

CES 2012:Sony Announces New News for the PS VITA

Sony’s CES press conference showcased its new technology including TVs, cameras, phones and tablets, but they didn’t leave out their new upcoming hand held console, the PS Vita. The PlayStation

Sony Announced the UMD Passport Function for VITA – PSP & UMDs Not Forgotten

Time to get those larger memory sticks for your PS VITA, because Sony has announced that there would be a way for PSP owners to still get some use out

LG 3D Monitors Bringing Movies and Games to Life

One of the big trends nowadays are people buying big television sets. These sets include all kinds of different apps now, and the TV can multi-function as a large monitor

Review: The Steelseries Scope

  Steelseries has always been known for one simple objective, creating gear to enhance the gaming experience for both casual and professional gamers. The Steelseries Scope is one of the newest

Razer Announces the Razer Blade AKA the ‘World’s First Gaming Laptop’

Razer has made some great gaming accessories, some we have even reviewed on our site such as the Naga, the Hydra and the Limited Edition Death Adder Transformers Mice. Now

Fierce 3500 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

One of the biggest necessities in the world of tomorrow is the computer mouse. It’s the Yang to the keyboard’s Yin. A good mouse is key for everyday use, computer

PSP VITA Specs and Screenshots

While there is still no firm release date for the U.S. or Japan version for the VITA, what we do know is that Japan will see the release sometime before

New Slimmer Wii with No Gamecube Support Announced in Europe..

At first, PlayStation 3 offered backwards support to its PlayStation 1 and 2 games when it launched for nearly $400 dollars. People weren’t crazy about the price and eventually Sony

Snakebyte + DarbeeVision bringing you 3D with only an HDMI cable?

E3 had gaming galore and gaming accessories, one that caught my attention was at the Snakebyte USA. NerdReactor had previously met with Snakebyte back at CES 2011 and learned about

Does Gamestop Have the Rights to Record Your Information? This Lawsuit Says NO!

The #1 gaming giant seems to have found itself in trouble as a Class Action Lawsuit was filed after it was noted that Gamestop had violated California Civil Code section

CES 2011: SteelSeries expands how gamers play

In the world of gaming, outside of consoles, accessories are king when it comes to the ultimate PC gaming experience. There are tons of companies offering many of the same