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Is Kanye West a Legitimate Indie Game Dev?

If you haven’t heard already, it was announced awhile back that Kanye West intended to create a video game focused on his mother’s journey to heaven. Of course, since Kanye

CES 2016: Oculus Rift ships March 28 at $599

After years of waiting, we’re finally given a release date on the most anticipated gaming peripheral of the decade, Oculus Rift. March 28, 2016 is when first shipments of the

Climb the infamous Mount Everest virtually

While I don’t ever see myself climbing Mount Everest in real life, I was able to do the next best thing, reach the top of the world’s highest summit virtually, thanks to Everest

GameStop’s Black Friday ads leaked early

Black Friday is only three weeks away and it’s always a great time to get some great deals, especially for gamers looking to find newer released games to play on

Antlion ModMic 4.0 Review

Let’s face it, a good gaming headset is expensive. If you are like me, then you have a great pair of headphones that you use to listen to music with

Gamers deserve memorable games

2016 is right around the corner and 2015 brought us a handful of games, in my opinion, that we can say were memorable. Of course each year gamers wait patiently

Videogame BANG! Episode 88: Eric ‘The Smoke’ Moran

HAPPY E3 WEEK! Since the crew is split up taking care of VGBusiness in Sacramento and Los Angeles, we have something special for this week’s show! We had the pleasure

E3 2015: Story mode is coming to The Long Dark before 2016

  Perhaps the best kept secret in early access on the Steam marketplace has just been launched to the forefront of the game preview movement on Xbox One! Former AAA developers banded

E3 2015: Star Wars Battlefield?

Star Wars Battlefront is sparing no expense to build an authentic Star Wars experience down to the jawa! For the first time we actually got actual pre-alpha gameplay that showcased

Nerd Reactor teams up with GorillaWolf

GorillaWolfGaming is a new asset to the gaming world. Two boys, the founders of the group, go by the name of James and Dom and have created their own outlet

Violent video games as teaching tools

Video games have long been condemned for excessive violence and gore, but such games may also provide some teachable moments for gamers and military alike. Scholars, humanitarian groups, and even

New video games no longer cost $60

  Next time you want to buy a game, consider how much it really costs. You’ve likely read articles in the past filled to the brink with tears of writers desperately pleading

CES 2015: Steelseries sets its sights on eSports with the Sentry and Apex M800

Starting off our CES roundup for 2015 is one of our favorite veteran companies of eSports, Steelseries. The showcase included all the old goodies with the addition of two highly

CES 2015: Nyko introduces PS4 keyboard gamepad and HDMI adapter

AT CES Nyko announced that they will be releasing a special Data Bank upgrade kit that allows you to switch out your 2.5″ hard drive in your PlayStation 4 to a 3.5″

Nintendo created a monster with the Amiibo

It’s been nearly a month since Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Wii U was released. With Super Smash Bros. came two accompanying items made to enhance your gaming experience, the

Review: Logitech’s Daedalus G302, the click re-invented

Logitech’s Daedalus G302 proves once again that refined design outweighs the bells and whistles of its competition. Pros: Lightweight, sturdy, clicks like heaven              Cons:

GameStop will increase trade-in value starting August 18

On Monday Kotaku revealed that GameStop would be overhauling their trade-in system by offering more money on games you trade in. By removing their promotions they will be able to raise

E3 2014: What’s Wikipad?

The Wikipad has been out for some time now, and if you’re not quite sure what the Wikipad is, then let me clue you in. Have you ever wanted to

Review: The Steelseries H Wireless Headset

Some would say that it’s difficult to express how urgent a quality audio output source is to gamers, but I’ll make it easy. You need it. Having a quality pair

Review: Gunnar’s Intercept gaming eyewear

If you have never owned a pair of Gunnars and find yourself in front of a computer screen or television all day, you need to read this review. All those