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Rumor: Xbox 720 is Anti-Used Games

It’s about two years away from the supposed launch of Microsoft’s next system, the “Xbox 720”, yet the rumor mill churns out the craziest things well in advance. This latest

Glendale GameStop, Blowing It Up Big for Battlefield 3

Music, food, drinks, balloons, and video games, now that sounds like a good party. What better place to celebrate the release of one of the most anticipated games of the

Hear Harley Quinn’s New Voice in GameStop’s Batman: Arkham City Ad

GameStop will be having a Joker Carnival Challenge map pre-order bonus. With the bonus GameStop has released a new teaser for it. You can hear Harley Quinn’s new voice actress,

Gamestop to Start Trade-in on Tablets and Possibly Create Their Own Also

Gamestop is already an industry leader in game and console trade-ins, with their biggest competitor being Gamefly. Given their huge market share, they have decided to take it a step

From GameStop to Deus Ex PC Customers: ‘Our Bad, Sorry, Here is a $50 Gift Card’

Just earlier today GameStop HQ released a letter to all retail managers stating that any customer who had purchased a copy of Deus Ex for the PC (before the recall)

Assassin’s Creed Revelations Ultimate Bundle Gets You Da Vinci’s Flying Machine

GameStop has the information on its Assassin’s Creed Revelations Ultimate Bundle up on the site. The bundle will cost $99 and will include Leonardo Da Vinci’s Flying Machine, a 7-inch

Used Games Are Good for the Video Game Industry?

We’ve been led to believe by video game publishers that buying and selling used games are bad for the industry. One company says that used games are actually helping out

Amazon: Deal of the Decade and a Half Now Over

Bad news for many of Amazon’s California buyers as well as any online retailer. As of this Friday, a new tax collection requirement will make Amazon charge California residents sales

Get a Free Poster For Pre-Ordering Modern Warfare 3 at GameStop

Starting today, GameStop is taking pre-orders for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. With every pre-order, GameStop is giving away a free Call of Duty: MW3 poster. The poster is

Does Gamestop Have the Rights to Record Your Information? This Lawsuit Says NO!

The #1 gaming giant seems to have found itself in trouble as a Class Action Lawsuit was filed after it was noted that Gamestop had violated California Civil Code section