Destiny’s first expansion – ‘The Dark Below’ set for release in December 2014


While I must say this irks me significantly, it’s sadly become a norm for expansions to be announced before the original title is even released. More or less, it’s the content that a company feels comfortable charging for, in addition to the original title. Honestly, if it’s a truly great game, … Continue reading

Get another chance to get the PS4 and Xbox One at Walmart

ps4 xbox one controller

Walmart is offering the consumers a second chance at acquiring the PS4 and Xbox One when it launches. Starting Saturday, August 24th, the store will open its doors to the public for a chance to pre-order the next-gen consoles. Here’s what you’ll need to do; put a 10% deposit ($40 … Continue reading

To Tekken X Street Fighter, or to Street Fighter X Tekken: That is the Question

Here’s your first look at the “reveal” of Ryu for Tekken X Street Fighter. It’s not much in terms of footage content, but hey, at least we know Ryu will maintain his trademark eyebrows. Namco and Capcom are teaming up to give us both worlds of Street Fighter and Tekken … Continue reading

Fighters Uncaged: Xbox 360 Kinect’s Answer to PS3 Move’s The Fight

Out of Gamescom, Ubisoft has announced a new fighting game exclusively for the Kinect on the Xbox 360. Your body is the controller, and you can punch and kick your way through an illegal fighting ring as you face the world’s toughest fighters. The game will have 70 different strikes … Continue reading

Capcom’s Viewtiful Joe and Marvel’s Dormammu Announced for Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Capcom and Marvel like to tease us here and there with announcements of new characters for Marvel vs Capcom 3, and since Comic-Con’s announcement of Thor and Amaterasu, news has been pretty slow. That is until Gamescom premiered and Capcom opened their bag of secrets and announced two more characters … Continue reading