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Who wants a Fantastic Four sequel? Miles Teller does!

Over a year ago, Fox attempted to reboot the Fantastic Four franchise, however, it wasn’t well received. It basically became the hot garbage of the cinema after its terrible scores

Could Fox Studios and Sony-Marvel Studios finally cross over their characters?

Deadpool was a tremendous success in the box office and Captain America: Civil War is already raking in major numbers. This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone anymore as Marvel has

James Gunn shows interest in two Marvel characters owned by Fox

In a recent live stream on his facebook page Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn, stated that he would love to work with two of Marvel’s iconic villains. Unfortunately, the issue

Michael B. Jordan isn’t sure if he’ll return for a Fantastic Four sequel

Michael B. Jordan stars in Creed, a spin-off of the Rocky films that has been praised by critics and nominated for an Academy Award (Sylvester Stallone for Best Supporting Actor).

Nerd Wars #47: Cinematic Universes – From Dreams to Reality

This week, Alex and Mike discuss the latest from Marvel including Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok and the rumor that Fantastic Four is back home. Oh, and also…GODZILLA GETS A CINEMATIC

Marvel’s television deal with Fox may finally get the Fantastic Four rights returned to them

UPDATE: This rumor has been debunked by 20th Century Fox. They released a statement via Heroic Hollywood saying  that “there was ‘no truth’ to these reports and that the deal did not

Fox and Simon Kinberg still plan on making a Fantastic Four sequel

The reboot of Fantastic Four was recently released a couple months ago and received completely abysmal reviews and viewing numbers. No one was asking for a reboot, however, Fox didn’t care

Stan Lee didn’t see Fantastic Four and talks about X-Men: Apocalypse cameo

Not that many people came out to watch the Fantastic Four reboot in theaters, and it looks like the creator hasn’t too. Stan Lee was recently interviewed by Larry King

Nerd Wars #45: Fantastic Disaster

This week we discuss the horrendous Fantastic 4 movie that just plain sucks, and what we think would make some pretty badass crossovers.

Fantastic Four’s second box office weekend drops 69%

It’s clear now that Fox is desperately trying to hold on to the Fantastic Four movie rights. There were many production issues, and the director even said it’s not his

More details on the Josh Trank, Fox and Fantastic Four drama

If you’re Josh Trank, life isn’t going well for you now. Trank pulled a move that was unprofessional by dissing the Fantastic Four movie during opening week, saying that his version

Fans create a petition to have Fox sell the Fantastic Four rights back to Marvel Studios

After absolutely abysmal ratings, reviews, scores, and attendance, Fox is still set on creating a Fantastic Four sequel. However if you’re one of the majority of comic book movie fans that didn’t

Fantastic Four bombs at box office, Fox still isn’t letting go

A lot of Marvel fans were hoping that Fantastic Four would bomb at the box office for its opening weekend, and it did. What’s the reasoning behind them wanting the

Fantastic Four is on track to disappoint at the box office

Fox is screwing up with Fantastic Four. The critics have bashed the reboot film, director Josh Trank admits that the movie wasn’t great, and now the box office numbers are

Josh Trank blames Fox for bad Fantastic Four reviews

Fantastic Four officially hits theaters tomorrow (there are some theaters showing the film today) and reviews are pouring in. It is currently at 10% on Rotten Tomatoes, and it is

Fantastic Four Review

It’s been quite a ride for Fantastic Four since its announcement back in 2012. There have been a few highs but overall there’s been a lot of negative buzz around

Fantastic Four reboot to ‘surprise all the haters’

The Fantastic Four reboot has been met with many critical fans. This includes the way Thing looks, Johnny Storm being black, Dr. Doom’s origin, and more. There also have been

Stan Lee approves of Michael B. Jordan as Human Torch in Fantastic Four

There are many who aren’t fans of Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. Stan Lee isn’t one of them, since he supports it. During

Bryan Singer confirms X-Men and Fantastic Four crossing over?

Since the dawn of comic book movies, there has been one unified cry that has rung across the land, sparking a fire within the dreams of comic readers everywhere, and

Fantastic Four’s final trailer shows how dangerous Doctor Doom is

Check out the new and final trailer for Fantastic Four from director Josh Trank. Here we get to see a young Reed Richards and Ben Grimm as they experiment on