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Nintendo Switch eShop adds ‘Games on Sale’ category

Most Switch owners expected this move. Nintendo finally added a “Games on Sale” category recently to the Switch eShop. Only two games are shown at the moment, but the addition

Senran Kagura Boobs…err Burst in 3D – Nintendo 3DS review

Warning: Senran Kagura Burst has tons of fan service, so if you’re okay with that, keep on reading. If you find busty bouncy ninja girls fighting and getting their clothes blown

Finally, your 3DS and Wii U eShop balances can be tied together

What if you had $50 in Nintendo Credit and wanted to put it on your Wii U to buy Earthbound and the rest of the credit to buy Ace Attorney:

Senran Kagura Burst sneaking onto the Nintendo eShop this Thursday

It’s not often we get those over-the-top hilarious anime action games over from Japan, but Senran Kagura Burst takes the cake thanks to XSEED. With 10 playable busty shinobi’s in training

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is 50% off for Nintendo Wii U and 3DS for four days

If you have yet to get a Nintendo Wii U, tomorrow is the official price drop of the Nintendo Wii U 32gb system to $299.99, as well as the day

Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies won’t be getting a physical release in the end for the West

Capcom listened to all your “OBJECTIONS!” when it came to a digital-only version of the upcoming Ace Attorney title for the Nintendo 3DS. While fan response was high for a physical

The Nintendo eShop for the 3DS

At the third quarterly financial briefing, Nintendo’s president, Mr. Satoru Iwata, has covered the new way to shop for apps and other downloaded software on the 3DS As the first