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Pennsylvania lawmakers want to tax violent video games

Video games with violence have been a target for decades with activists and politicians wanting to censor them. Games like Grand Theft Auto and Mortal Kombat were attacked by former

Do parents think video games are good for children?

This has been a question plaguing our society for quite a while now. Here’s an interesting bit of information for everyone. According to the Electronic Software Association survey stats, 56%

The ESRB rating gets a cute PSA

The video game industry is still getting some hate for its violent games, but it has been reported that sales of M-rated games are more strict compared to R-rated movies

ESA loses over $1 million, some of it due to lobbying SOPA/PIPA

Remember when ESA was poking fun of California for spending money on a bill to try to ban violent video game sales to kids? Since California lost a lot of

California Pays Back ESA – There Goes $950,000 of CA Taxpayers’ Money

Ah the ESA. It’s a love and hate relationship with them isn’t it? We hated them for supporting SOPA/PIPA, yet we love them for defending us in the Brown vs.

ESA Backs Off Support for SOPA and PIPA

Now that SOPA and PIPA have been postponed indefinitely, ESA now decides to pull its support from the unpopular bills. Good timing too, since Penny Arcade was gathering momentum in