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‘The Big Bang Theory’ offering scholarships to UCLA students

It looks like one of the biggest shows on television is branching out to scholarships for college. The Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre started the Big Bang Theory Scholarship

The best way to learn about the ‘Anaconda’ with Nicki Minaj (parody)

This… this is the best. Want to learn more about the Anaconda? You can now using Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda song! College Humor decided to create an educational parody using Minaj’s

Pirates & Superheroes as a front for education

The other day, I stumbled across this TED Talk given in 2008 by author Dave Eggers titled “Once Upon a School”. Inspired by the educators in his life and their

Carl Sagan kicks ass in PBS: The Movie

What if Carl Sagan led a super-team made up of the luminaries of PBS? That is the premise of this clever video from Gritty Reboots. With the world’s population becoming