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First Impressions: We Happy Few (Early Access)

After much anticipation and brilliant marketing campaigns that practically soldĀ itself due to the games enthralling narrative, We Happy Few is currently available for Early Access on Steam. This is a

Hands-on with top-down shooter ‘Rogue Continuum’

Rogue Continuum is a top-down shooter that can be unforgiving at times, in the style, and vein of games like R-Type and Smash TV but with a bit more depth.

Early Access impressions of H1Z1, the zombie survival MMO

Sony Online Entertainment’s H1Z1 was certainly a hot topic in gaming news this past week, and not for all the right reasons. Despite overloaded servers and the “pay to win”

Secret Ponchos – Early Access preview

Switchblade Monkeys, developer of Secret Ponchos, had one hell of a vision when creating this product. Originally developed for the PlayStation 4, a number of fans who sampled the game