Dead Space 3 Gamescom trailer is horrific, retains series’ atmosphere


Thanks to the addition of a co-op mode, many of the heavily invested Dead Space fans have been worried that Dead Space 3 was going too far into action territory. Visceral Games has been trying to appease fans, telling them that the core of the series is still there. They … Continue reading

NR Interview with Dead Space 3 producer Shereif Fattouh

Dead Space is a series that started off fairly well. It wasn’t a good enough start for EA, but the series has been picking up steam. Now with the inclusion of a co-op mode, and Visceral Games’ claims that Dead Space 3 will retain all of the original elements that … Continue reading

Dreamworks will bring Need for Speed to the movie screen in 2014


Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks Studios has just purchased the movie rights for EA’s Need for Speed franchise. I don’t know about you, but I thought Need for Speed was already in movie form, but just called Fast and the Furious? Production has already been scheduled to start in 2013 with the … Continue reading

E3 2012 Hands-On: Return to ‘Paradise’ in Need for Speed Most Wanted


Back in 2010, EA rebooted one of the most prolific racing franchises the gaming industry had ever seen, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. They even entrusted that franchise to Burnout creator’s Criterion. It was one of the best arcade racing games that I had ever played. I know when Criterion … Continue reading

Why Bioware’s ‘ending’ to Mass Effect 3 was ingenious and how EA’s greed possibly ruined it

mass effect 3 pic 3

Now before anyone questions my Mass Effect loyalty, I’ve played ME1 three times and ME2 five times, so yes, I am a fan. With that out of the way, there has been a lot of backlash lately about Mass Effect 3’s ending; many people are up in arms claiming there … Continue reading

Mass Effect 3′s reviews explode onto the web in glorious fashion

mass effect 3 action

There are very few things worse in a consumer’s experience than to see a series they love sputter out at the end, leaving them a bitter, disappointed ex-fan. It turns out that in the case of Mass Effect followers, their fears can probably subside–well, except for these folks who just … Continue reading

Mass Effect 3 launch trailer contains alien invasion and oddly placed sex scene

mass effect 3 launch trailer oddly placed sex scene

Oh, cool, there’s a new Mass Effect 3 launch trailer out. Earth is in trouble, space aliens and humans working together to fight the diabolical Reaper force and…whoa, whoa, whoa. Shepard, put some pants on, bro, you’re supposed to be saving Earth! Yeah, that’s right. Smack dab in the middle … Continue reading

Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer details


Just announced this week, there will be a new installment into the rebooted Medal of Honor franchise called, Medal of Honor: Warfighter. While the name is definitely not the most creative name, the game will hopefully be a solid follow up to the 2010 predecessor. Developer Danger Close returns but … Continue reading

Find the weather balloon, play Mass Effect 3 early

Now Shepard's really in space.

There are always plenty of fans who want to play their games early, and this time it’s being supported by EA and Bioware themselves. Apparently, EA’s crazy marketing ploys are in full blast again, because they’ve attached six copies of Mass Effect 3 to weather balloons. Yes, weather balloons. I … Continue reading

Red-headed Fem-Shep gets her very own Mass Effect 3 story trailer

mass effect 3 fem shep red head commander shepard

Did you know that 13% of Mass Effect players play as the default Commander Shepard? Honestly, I can’t fathom not customizing my character. Another 18% choose to play as a female Commander Shepard, and while in most other games this might not make a significant difference, in Mass Effect it … Continue reading

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – Art and World Dev Diary

kingdoms of amalur art 1

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning’s release date is closing in fast (February 7th for North America, February 10th for Europe). With that in mind, we’re going to see a lot more trailers and information crawling its way out from the internet. This latest developer diary focuses on how the team went … Continue reading

Spoiler-Free Mini-Review – The Art of the Mass Effect Universe

the art of the mass effect universe thumbnail

Being video game players, as we are, it can be easy for us to not realize how much work went into the finely tuned product spinning quickly in our neatly housed game systems. Sure, at times we can admire the finished product, but we weren’t there for the thousands of … Continue reading