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Hands-on with Sky Viper Hover Racer

In the last few years, drones have been on the uprise. Whether they are used for filmmaking or for recreational fun, there’s no denying everyone wants a drone. Recently I

Domino’s test drives ‘Drone Delivery’ in New Zealand

I feel as though we’ve reached the pinnacle of human invention. Everything leading up to now was just an effort to get jobs done with as little to no work

Drone police launching to clamp down on crime

Two years ago, the Nerd Reactor crew went to CES and saw a rise in a technological product: consumer-grade aerial drones. While it did not take hold of the public’s

‘SkyJacker’ Drone Hacker announced

So Amazon announced recently that they were going into the “Drone Delivery” program, hoping to expedite delivery times. I thought was a pretty innovative idea. Then this douchebag came along. Long

Domino’s ‘DomiCopter’: Pizza by drone

It seems like just the other day I wrote an article about Dominos manipulating movie watchers into buying pizza with their movies. A company in London called “T+Biscuits” (brilliant name if