Interview with John Barrowman for The Hollywood Show


John Barrowman. You may recognize him from Doctor Who, Torchwood, Frisky Business/Animals at Work, Anything Goes, and most recently, CW’s Arrow. He is a household name and face in the Geek world. He’s become a fixture at shows, conventions, fan events and anything that is geek. This weekend, he is going … Continue reading

Gallifrey One 2014: The Recap


Gallifrey One is the only official Doctor Who fan-run convention in the West of the United States (Long Island Doctor Who Con is on the East Coast). It is organized and run entirely by fans for the fans. Working with the Doctor Who (Sarah Jane Adventures/Torchwood) actors, crew, authors, and … Continue reading

Indiegogo: Help Inspector SpaceTime become a full length movie!


It’s official. Community’s Doctor Who parody Inspector SpaceTime is going to become a full length movie… with YOUR help! It will be called: The Inspector Chronicles: Untitled Motion Picture About A Space Traveler… Inspector SpaceTime’s Travis Richey announced at Gallifrey One this past weekend that they will be making their second … Continue reading

Doctor Who: the 12th Doctor gets a puppet!


Alisa Stern, director and creator of The Doctor Puppets,  has released a puppet of the 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi in his costume. She has handcrafted each puppet starting with the 9th Doctor, Christopher Eccleston and continued with 10 (David Tennant) and 11 (Matt Smith) and features them in her stop motion … Continue reading

Jet Set Nerd: The Doctor Who Experience


Destination: Doctor Who Experience, Cardiff, UK Next stop – Cardiff! If you are a Whovian, then this is the stop for you! Yes Cardiff, location of Torchwood and the Dr Who Experience. So grab a Welsh Cake and head to Cardiff Bay for an experience of a life time. The … Continue reading

Doctor Who: Moffat interested in bringing River Song back


With the Doctor having a new, older face, head writer Steven Moffat teased that he could bring River back. He commented: “I’m slightly tempted, because I imagine Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston would be absolutely hilarious together. She could certainly have met other Doctors. So there’s nothing stopping us … … Continue reading

Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor extended trailer

doctor who 13

BBC America has released an extended trailer for the Christmas Special The Time of the Doctor. They also released the trailer to their Farewell to Matt Smith special. It’s actually getting really depressing thinking about it. The Christmas Special trailer has more on Tasha Lem (Orla Brady) and how she … Continue reading

Peter Jackson wants to direct an episode of Doctor Who

Peter Jackson

After participating in Sylvester McCoy’s The Five(ish) Doctors, Peter Jackson may want to try directing an episode of Doctor Who. He recently spoke to Digital Spy during The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug promotion tour about his attempt at TV, “I would be very happy to. I’d love to try … Continue reading