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Doctor Who: goodbye screwdriver, hello sunglasses!

‘Is the screwdriver officially gone?’ A lot of people have been asking this question since the introduction of the sonic sunglasses from the premiere episode of Doctor Who. When many

Doctor Who: 9×04 ‘Before the Flood’ trailer

We are going to find out what those darn ghosts are! Obviously, we know they are sending a transmission someplace, but where and why? My prediction was to save something

Doctor Who ‘Under the Lake’ review

The TARDIS goes to where she is needed. Apparently, she was needed in an underwater station that happened to be filling with “ghosts”. Although we all knew they weren’t ghosts,

Doctor Who: 9×03 ‘Under the Lake’ trailer

The Doctor and Clara go on an adventure in an underwater base where they are faced with… GHOSTS? Probably not, because… they are always related to some sort of space

Watch the first episode of Doctor Who season 9 premiere for FREE!

BBC America has given fans the opportunity to watch the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who. The episode, The Magician’s Apprentice, already has positive reviews. Check our

Doctor Who 9×02 ‘The Witch’s Familiar’ trailer

The anticipation is killing us! We have one week until we see part two of the season premiere and see if the Doctor pulled the trigger or not? In the

Doctor Who 9×01 ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’ recap & review

Recap: The beginning of the episode shows war and a little boy running away from it,ultimately being stuck between hand mines (hands that have eyes that pull you down into

Jenna Coleman leaving Doctor Who this season

Update: Jenna Coleman’s tweet regarding her departure: Adventures to last me a lifetime. Thank you @bbcdoctorwho. But as they say 'It ain't over till it's over' — Jenna Coleman (@Jenna_Coleman_)

This week’s Geeks Who Drink features Andrew Daly and Matthew MacCaull

In this week’s episode, host Zachary Levi has Matthew MacCaull from Tomorrowland and iZombie with his trivia team“Beer the Reaper,” taking on Andrew Daly from Aqua Teen Hunger force, Review, Eastbound and Down (and pretty

Doctor Who: Life After Danny for Clara

BBC One released a clip of Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat and Jenna Coleman explaining what we’ve all been wondering: What about Danny? Moffat and Coleman explain that Clara needed

Learn to make Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver for under $50

Here’s a new episode for you Doctor Who fans out there from AWE me’s DIY Prop Shop. Here we have host Dustin Mclean helping you to create a Sonic Screwdriver

Doctor Who season 9 prologue has the Doctor meeting with an old friend

BBC has released the Doctor Who prologue to the first episode The Magician’s Apprentice and it tells us NOTHING. We see the planet of Karn and a Sister again! If

Make your own Doctor Who games with the Doctor Who Game Maker this month!

We already have several Doctor Who games out there to help you pass the time til the season 9 premiere, but now BBC are now giving you the opportunity to

Check out the new teaser trailer for Doctor Who

BBC America just released a new Doctor Who teaser trailer that shows a little bit more details on what’s going to happen for our Doctor and his companion, Clara. We

Doctor Who: River Song makes an appearance THIS Christmas!

Spoiler alert! BBC America has announced Alex Kingston will be reprising her role as Professor River Song in this year’s Christmas Special! People have been waiting for River Song to

Doctor Who: The Doctor gets new outfits this season

It seems like the 12th Doctor is getting a larger wardrobe than his previous Doctor counterparts. First, he was given a complete outfit with the coat being lined with red

Doctor Who season 9 second trailer shows more Maisie Williams and Missy

“He hasn’t got a plan yet, but he will and it’ll be spectacular”. – Clara Oswald The second trailer for the ninth season of Doctor Who has been released and

Doctor Who’s The Fan Show: Peter Capaldi is the biggest Doctor Who fanboy

BBC’s Doctor Who: The Fan Show had the opportunity to interview the Doctor – Peter Capaldi about all things Doctor Who. He gushed about old and new villains, possible storylines,

Doctor Who is returning to Fathom Events with a season 9 prequel scene

BBC Worldwide and Fathom Events have announced that Doctor Who will return to the big screen for a two-night event, Doctor Who: Dark Water/Death in Heaven in 3D. The event will include over 700 theaters

SDCC 2015: BBC America presents the 12th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver remote control

BBC America announced their new 12th Doctor sonic screwdriver remote control earlier this month that was to be showcased at Comic-Con this weekend. We got to have a sneak peek