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First Look at the Doctor and River in the 2015 Christmas Special

BBC has just released a new photo of the Doctor and River Song from this year’s Christmas Special! Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston will be joined by Greg Davies and

Doctor Who: 9×10 ‘Face the Raven’ review

Spoilers ahead! This may be one of the saddest moments in Peter Capaldi’s Doctor era – the loss of Clara Oswald. The 12th Doctor has done everything in his power

Doctor Who: 9×11 ‘Heaven Sent’ trailer shows the Doctor fighting fear

With the tragic loss from the last episode, the Doctor is sent to a castle to battle a creature that attacks by using fear. We also get to see him

Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat, and Mark Gatiss came in third place on a Doctor Who quiz

At this past weekend’s Doctor Who Festival in Australia, Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat, and Mark Gatiss decided to participate in a Doctor Who pub quiz. Their team – The Time

Doctor Who 2015 Christmas Special hits theaters December

Doctor Who has a tradition of having Christmas Specials every year since the revival of the show back in 2005. BBC Worldwide North America has decided to step it up

Doctor Who: The Doctor’s take on WAR

This past Saturday’s episode The Zygon Inversion was one of Peter Capaldi’s best moments as the Doctor. Finally, he was given a speech that had depth and truly meant something.

Doctor Who: 9×07 ‘The Zygon Invasion’ review

This past episode was pretty suspenseful. I’m honestly still trying to wrap my feelings around this episode because there was just so much going on: remembering the past episodes, trying

David Tennant and Catherine Tate reunite for The Tenth Doctor Adventures

Admit it, David Tennant is your favorite Doctor. Sure there are some iconoclasts who swear by the edgier charm of Christopher Eccleston, and others who adore the cocksure composure of Matt

Doctor Who 9×06 ‘The Woman Who Lived’ trailer

I guess we will be seeing more Maisie Williams on Doctor Who! The Doctor did give her immortality so she could meet him in the future and on his next

Doctor Who 9×05 ‘The Girl Who Died’ review

Honestly, there is just SO much that happened this past episode and it’s a lot to take in and analyze. So I’ll try to break it down for you. ASHILDR:

Doctor Who: 9×04 ‘Before the Flood’ review

The Doctor started the episode by breaking the fourth wall, which he has done in a classic episode before. He broke the wall to explain the Bootstrap Paradox by using

Doctor Who: 9×05 ‘The Girl Who Died’ trailer

Next Saturday, we will finally see Maisie William’s appearance on Doctor Who as a Viking defending her village from aliens. The Doctor has obviously dealt with Vikings before – noting

Doctor Who: goodbye screwdriver, hello sunglasses!

‘Is the screwdriver officially gone?’ A lot of people have been asking this question since the introduction of the sonic sunglasses from the premiere episode of Doctor Who. When many

Doctor Who: 9×04 ‘Before the Flood’ trailer

We are going to find out what those darn ghosts are! Obviously, we know they are sending a transmission someplace, but where and why? My prediction was to save something

Doctor Who ‘Under the Lake’ review

The TARDIS goes to where she is needed. Apparently, she was needed in an underwater station that happened to be filling with “ghosts”. Although we all knew they weren’t ghosts,

Doctor Who: 9×03 ‘Under the Lake’ trailer

The Doctor and Clara go on an adventure in an underwater base where they are faced with… GHOSTS? Probably not, because… they are always related to some sort of space

Watch the first episode of Doctor Who season 9 premiere for FREE!

BBC America has given fans the opportunity to watch the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who. The episode, The Magician’s Apprentice, already has positive reviews. Check our

Doctor Who 9×02 ‘The Witch’s Familiar’ trailer

The anticipation is killing us! We have one week until we see part two of the season premiere and see if the Doctor pulled the trigger or not? In the

Doctor Who 9×01 ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’ recap & review

Recap: The beginning of the episode shows war and a little boy running away from it,ultimately being stuck between hand mines (hands that have eyes that pull you down into

Jenna Coleman leaving Doctor Who this season

Update: Jenna Coleman’s tweet regarding her departure: Adventures to last me a lifetime. Thank you @bbcdoctorwho. But as they say 'It ain't over till it's over' — Jenna Coleman (@Jenna_Coleman_)