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The new Doctor Who companion is…

… Pearl Mackie! She will be playing the character Bill. Introducing Pearl Mackie as Bill, the #NewCompanion! Welcome to Team #DoctorWho, Pearl!https://t.co/jQpVqxU4tX — Doctor Who BBCA (@DoctorWho_BBCA) April 23, 2016

New Doctor Who companion to be announced this Saturday

BBC has announced they will be revealing who the new companion to the 12th Doctor’s upcoming season (which will air next year in 2017, but maybe in the 2016 Christmas

Doctor Who spin-off ‘Class’ cast has been announced

BBC America revealed today the new cast to the Young Adult Doctor Who spin-off series Class, set in modern day London at Coal Hill School. If you recognize the name of

John Hurt reads famous monologues from Doctor Who

At this past weekend’s Gallifrey One in Los Angeles, John Hurt was the guest of honor and graced his fans with a performance of famous Doctor Who monologues done by

Titan Comics announces date for Doctor Who Comics Day 2016

Titan Comics have announced their third annual global Doctor Who Comics Day! This year’s event will take place on Saturday, July 9th, 2016. The all-day event will take place all

5 Doctor Who ideas based on real science

Big news as last week it was announced that Steven Moffat, writer and producer of Doctor Who for several seasons now, will be stepping down to be replaced by Chris

Steven Moffat leaving Doctor Who at the end of 2017

There have been rumors going on for the past few years of showrunner Steven Moffat leaving Doctor Who, but was always dismissed by the BBC. It looks like this time,

Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Doctor and River Song are just perfect

*As the famous Dr. River Song likes to say, Spoilers* The Doctor Who Christmas Special was the perfect Christmas gift from BBC/BBC America. There were so many reminders of the

The Doctor Who season finale ‘Hell Bent’ gave us the finale we deserved

*Warning: Review contains spoilers* The Doctor Who season finale “Hell Bent” gave us the shock of our life with that emotional ending. It also gave Clara the opportunity to leave

Doctor Who’s Christmas Special ‘The Husbands of River Song’ trailer

Last night’s season finale of Doctor Who showed us the trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas Special where we see the Doctor and River Song going through their own adventure.

Doctor Who’s Holiday collection is coming to a Hot Topic near you TODAY

Known for their high fashion geek collection, Hot Topic has introduced a limited edition collection inspired by the hit British television series Doctor Who. And, Hot Topic did not disappoint.

Doctor Who Christmas Special has a title, photos, sneak preview… and a new sonic screwdriver?!

It looks like the BBC is giving us lots of presents this Christmas! We finally got a title to this year’s Christmas Special which features the Doctor’s favorite wife –

Peter Jackson gets a visit from The Doctor to direct an episode of Doctor Who

It has been long discussed for Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit director Peter Jackson to direct an episode of Doctor Who. Now, after years of speculating, Jackson himself confirmed he

First Look at the Doctor and River in the 2015 Christmas Special

BBC has just released a new photo of the Doctor and River Song from this year’s Christmas Special! Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston will be joined by Greg Davies and

Doctor Who: 9×10 ‘Face the Raven’ review

Spoilers ahead! This may be one of the saddest moments in Peter Capaldi’s Doctor era – the loss of Clara Oswald. The 12th Doctor has done everything in his power

Doctor Who: 9×11 ‘Heaven Sent’ trailer shows the Doctor fighting fear

With the tragic loss from the last episode, the Doctor is sent to a castle to battle a creature that attacks by using fear. We also get to see him

Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat, and Mark Gatiss came in third place on a Doctor Who quiz

At this past weekend’s Doctor Who Festival in Australia, Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat, and Mark Gatiss decided to participate in a Doctor Who pub quiz. Their team – The Time

Doctor Who 2015 Christmas Special hits theaters December

Doctor Who has a tradition of having Christmas Specials every year since the revival of the show back in 2005. BBC Worldwide North America has decided to step it up

Doctor Who: The Doctor’s take on WAR

This past Saturday’s episode The Zygon Inversion was one of Peter Capaldi’s best moments as the Doctor. Finally, he was given a speech that had depth and truly meant something.

Doctor Who: 9×07 ‘The Zygon Invasion’ review

This past episode was pretty suspenseful. I’m honestly still trying to wrap my feelings around this episode because there was just so much going on: remembering the past episodes, trying