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Deadpool: The Game’s second trailer is out now!

Deadpool has been rising up in popularity to the nth degree, and he’s about to get his big break with his own video game called Deadpool: The Game. Check out

Deadpool wants you to get lucky on Valentine’s Day

Here’s another Valentine’s Day gift. This time it’s from Deadpool from the upcoming Deadpool game, who wishes us a Happy Valentine’s Day. And what does the Merc with a Mouth

Deadpool director updates on the movie project

Art by theexodus97 Deadpool director Tim Miller gives us an update on the Deadpool movie via his Kickstarter project, the Goon. Everything is ready. The only thing left is for


Yes, yes. We all know. I want him. You want him. We all want him. Who am I talking about? Well if you didn’t read the title to this article

Mark Millar set to be consultant on Fox’s Marvel adaptations

In a press release sent today from Fox, it seems that Mark Millar, writer of such popular series as Civil War, Kick-Ass and Wanted, has been hired by Fox to

Deadpool gets his own video game

During Comic-Con, there was a Deadpool logo that was spray painted over the existing Spider-Man game wall ad. This was a good way of doing a Deadpool video game promotion

Ryan Reynolds for a rated-R Deadpool movie

Recently on an interview with IGN for the film Safe House, actor Ryan Reynolds (Blade: Trinity, R.I.P.D.) reveals that the script for the much anticipated Deadpool film has been developed further and is said to

Deadpool Movie Lives – 8 Minutes of Test Footage Have Been Shot

Holy sweet 12-pack-of-frozen Chimichangas! Earlier this month, comic book writers Rob Liefeld and Scott Lobdell spoke at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con. Scott worked on the Uncanny X-Men series, and

Comic Hit List: Deadpool #46

It looks like the merc with a mouth has some new competition…himself! Well sort of…since we last left Deadpool he just got away from a crazed stalker who kept his

Comic Hit List: Deadpool #41

With the rising popularity of the merc with a mouth there has been an influx of Deadpool related media and goods flooding the market. Such as the awesome Kotobukiya statue


With Anime Expo behind us, it is now time to prepare for San Diego Comic Con. But before getting into full Comic con mode lets take a look back at

Deadpool Movie gets “X-Men Origins” Title

Much to the displeasure of many Deadpool fans, it was just recently announced that the live-action adaptation of the Merc with a Mouth will be given the title of “X-Men

X-Men 4 and 5 Coming and Deadpool Reboot

From the pages of the new Empire Magazine, we have news of sequels for the X-Men trilogy from producer Lauren Donner. “We took the treatment to Fox and they love

Deadpool Movie Ain’t Dead Yet Says Ryan Reynolds

Seems like with the new Green Lantern movie getting all the attention, everyone has forgotten about their favorite lovable mercenary. Sometime last year, it was reported that Ryan Reynolds would

Steampunk Deadpool With Kung Fu Grip Action!

Ok, maybe this Steampunk Deadpool action figure doesn’t have that G.I. Joe kung fu grip action but custom builder Jin Saotome has created this and many other custom action figures

Deadpool Co-Creator Tears FOX a New A**hole

Ever since the whole leaked script distribution lawsuit debacle, FOX has been catching some major heat from pissed off fans. Many have vowed to never watch anything from FOX that

FOX Sues Middle-Aged Mother for $15 Million over Distributing the Leaked Deadpool Script

Remember how awesome it was when the Deadpool script got leaked? Fans were happy and new life was breathed into the project that many believe would be canceled.  Well now

Deadpool Looks for His Director

About that Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds as the star. Looks like Fox is going for an unproven director with potential to direct Marvel’s smartass. They’re in talks with Swedish

Deadpool Script Gets Leaked and Reveals Appearances by Other Marvel Characters

While the movie is still in limbo, the script has recently been leaked online. Many fans of the merc with a mouth were quite pleased with the script for the

Ryan Reynolds Talks About the Difficulties of Bringing Deadpool to the Big Screen

A lot of recent news has many fans worrying that the Merc with a Mouth’s solo film may never come to fruition.  Robert Rodriguez has been rumored to direct but