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Deadpool wins Critic Choice Award and is nominated for 2 Golden Globes!

If you remember a few weeks back, Deadpool star and producer Ryan Reynolds sent out a few tweets stating that he wanted his film to be nominated for many, many Oscar awards. He even

Deadpool Cologne gives you the chance to smell like a hero

Ever wondered what Deadpool might smell like? I imagine it would probably be a cross between an old jockstrap that has been worn everyday for a year and dog puke

Ryan Reynolds opens up about Deadpool and Tim Miller

It’s hard when a production team has to part ways with one of their key members. This goes especially deep when it’s the director that leaves the team. Actor Ryan

Fox and Marvel play nice and exchange characters for Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Fox made a deal with Marvel to get Negasonic Teenage Warhead to be included in the Deadpool movie, in addition to changing her powers. In exchange, Marvel would get Kurt

Will Tarantino take the directorial reigns for Deadpool 2?

Quentin Tarantino is an Oscar-winning director that has released many films throughout the past several years. Some would say that there have been more hits than misses, but that’s another

Fox refused to pay Deadpool writers to be on set

Deadpool was a box office smash hit that had a majority of their fans celebrating for quite some time afterward. After all, it was a movie that was supposed to have

R-rated Sausage Party trailer shown before Finding Dory

A Concord California movie theater gave their young audience a surprise as they waited to watch the G-rated family film, Finding Dory. The R-rated comedy Sausage Party trailer was shown, which seemed

Deadpool appears in X-Men: Apocalypse trailer

Looks like Fox did a cross promotion for two of its big hits, Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse. In a trailer released for the Japanese theatrical launch of X-Men: Apocalypse, Deadpool shows

Deadpool crashes Honest Trailers

Deadpool is now available on Blu-ray and DVD, and Honest Trailers has released a new video dedicated to the movie. To make the video even sweeter, Ryan Reynolds makes a

Check out the foul-mouthed, NSFW, hilariously awesome gag reel for ‘Deadpool’

Deadpool is just a few short days away from landing on Blu-ray and DVD, and as you might expect the home video release will contain a gag reel. Well, the

Could Fox Studios and Sony-Marvel Studios finally cross over their characters?

Deadpool was a tremendous success in the box office and Captain America: Civil War is already raking in major numbers. This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone anymore as Marvel has

Deadpool Blu-ray ad parodies drug ads with side effects

Check out this new ad for the Deadpool Blu-ray and DVD that parodies one of those drug ads with a lot of disclaimers about side effects. Let me list some

Deadpool director Tim Miller’s favorite deleted scene

Deadpool director Tim Miller sat down with Cinemablend and talked to them about his favorite deleted scene called “The Cancer World Tour” which he wishes could have been added to the

20th Century Fox will not attend Comic-Con 2016

Just like the worst suggestion for a contraceptive, Fox has decided to pull out of Comic-Con this year. Reported by The Wrap, the decision basically comes down to the fact

Good guy Ryan Reynolds helps Utah theater in trouble for showing ‘Deadpool’

Who says that Deadpool isn’t a hero? Recently, the Utah theater, Brewvies, is under fire for breaking the state’s obscenity law. The state says that screening Deadpool while serving alcohol

How Deadpool should have ended

Check out How It Should Have Ended’s video poking fun of the Deadpool movie. What will happen to Wade’s love and is Ajax really dead? Watch as the Merc with

Ryan Reynolds unveils Deadpool for Blu-ray, VHS and LaserDisc

Ryan Reynolds has revealed on his Twitter that Deadpool will be coming to Blu-ray, DVD, VHS and LaserDisc. Okay, so he was joking about the VHS and LaserDisc, but the

Deadpool shoves Iron Man and Man of Steel under the zamboni

It’s the R-Rated “superhero” movie that’s still making marks out in Hollywood. I use quotes for the word “superhero” since Deadpool isn’t really a superhero per se. That said, it’s

Healing Factor – A gift or a curse?

(Deadpool vs Wolverine image by Name-Changer) I’m assuming at this point most people have seen the Deadpool movie. If you haven’t, stop what you’re doing, and go see it. Seriously

Can fans expect to see Deadpool in a future X-Men film?

Deadpool featured many X-Men references like the X-mansion and even included Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead on his adventure. With the movie being a big hit, does that mean we’ll