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Relive the terror in Dead Rising HD (PS4 review)

Last week Capcom treated us with the re-release of three classic Dead Rising games remastered in HD for the Xbox One and PS4 (bundle or individual release). I got my

The first Dead Rising MIGHT be coming to PS4

With Dead Rising 4 on the horizon for Xbox One and Windows 10, some people are itching to catch up on the previous games. Luckily, there might be a way to do

Dead Rising: Watchtower review

When I first heard that there was going to be a Dead Rising digital film based on Capcom’s popular zombie-filled video game that’s being produced by Legendary Entertainment, I squealed in delight. Dead

Dead Rising: Watchtower trailer has zombies and customized deadly weapons

We’re now in the age of high production original content coming from venues that aren’t known for producing original content like Netflix and Amazon. PlayStation joined the list with its Power

Dead Rising: Watchtower first official clip released!

The first clip for the upcoming series Dead Rising: Watchtower has released online! Dead Rising: Watchtower is an upcoming American-Canadian action horror zombie film based on Capcom’s best-selling video game series Dead Rising. It

Dead Rising: Watchtower casts more actors including Rob Riggle and Epic Meal Time’s Harley

Legendary and Crackle are currently working on a Dead Rising movie that’s based on the video game by Capcom. So far the confirmed casting included Jesse Metcalfe (John Tucker Must

Leprechaun: Origins director to helm Dead Rising movie

Dead Rising, the Capcom survival zombie game, is getting turned into a digital feature film, and it will be directed by Zach Lipovsky, the man responsible for Leprechaun: Origins. (Is that a

Dead Rising 3 (PC review)

The time has come and Capcom’s latest open world zombie massacre title, Dead Rising 3, is now available for the PC. Dead Rising 3 was arguably the best launch title

Excited for Dead Rising 3? Here are 18 minutes of zombie killing gameplay

The Dead Rising 3 trailer contains plenty of gore, violence and zombie killing, but hey, you’re a mature audience member, right? The Xbox One exclusive title, Dead Rising 3, is

Capcom Essentials Bundle includes 5 Games for the $59.99

Capcom-Unity just announced the upcoming Capcom Essentials releasing on October 8th for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The bundle comes with 5 games (4 Physical copies and one

Dead Rising 2 Ships 2 Million

Capcom has shipped 2 million copies of Dead Rising 2, bringing the total for the Dead Rising franchise to over 4 million. It was a collaborative success between Capcom and

Wacky Dead Rising 2 Japanese Ad: Oh Those Crazy Zombies

Check out the Japanese ad trailer by visiting the Capcom Dead Rising 2 media section. It’s like those cooking infomercials with a male and female host, only this time, they’re

Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun Available on Xbox Live Now

You Xbox Live members sure are lucky, because you’ll get to watch Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun now before everyone else, which they’ll have to wait until August 11th. Once that