Free Comic Book Day in 5 days!

free comic book day 2015 FCBDLOGO2

Remember that in 5 days Free Comic Book Day is happening! For those who don’t know, the title of the article is self explanatory. The event has been going on since 2002 back when the first Spider-Man movie got released. It has mostly been held on the first Saturday of May, with the exception being … Continue reading

Frank Miller returns to DC to finish Dark Knight comic

dark knight iii fall 2015 thumb

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is inspired by Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. The film will be hitting theaters next year, and DC Comics is bringing back the guy who inspired it all. Yes, Miller will be returning to DC Comics to finish the Dark Knight Returns saga … Continue reading

Popular DC Comics hero will have secret identity revealed to the public


One of DC Comics superheroes will have their identity revealed to the public. Spoilers Ahead So who’s the DC superhero who’s going to lose their secret identity? That person will be Superman. The person responsible for revealing this will be Lois Lane, who announces to the world that Superman is Clark … Continue reading

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson chose Black Adam over Shazam because of this reason

the rock black adam

Dwayne Johnson is currently promoting Furious 7, which comes out in theaters this week. During an interview with Digital Spy, he talks about why he picked the part of Black Adam over the role of Shazam. “Because I felt ultimately, and this is with all due respect to Shazam/Billy Batson, it’s … Continue reading

Rapper Jason Chu brings forward growing up as a geek

Marvels 03

Rapper Jason Chu released a new single, MARVELS, about the struggles of growing up as a geek. The music video was released yesterday and stars Fresh Off the Boat star Hudson Yang as the lead who dreams about being a superhero, but must come to terms with reality. We all have … Continue reading

Batman’s 50 Shades of Wayne needs to be a real thing!


So are you a fan of Batman? How about Fifty Shades of Grey? Ever wonder what Bruce Wayne’s love life looks like when he isn’t playing the role of the caped crusader? Well this new mash-up trailer replaces main character Christian Grey with Bruce Wayne, and honestly the cuts are done … Continue reading

Suicide Squad’s Jai Courtney says comic book films are ‘tired’ and ‘saturated’


Jai Courtney is a busy actor. He’s promoting his new movie, Divergent, and will be appearing in the upcoming films, Terminator Genisys and Suicide Squad. In the Suicide Squad film, he’ll be playing George “Digger Harkness, aka Boomerang. He reveals to MTV that he doesn’t want to be in a … Continue reading

New Batman vs. Robin clip released in this week’s DC All Access


DC has released a brand new clip from the upcoming animated feature, Batman Vs. Robin, in the latest episode of DC All Access. It includes interviews with Jay Olivia, a director that is to the DC Animated film world that Joss Whedon is to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s easy to … Continue reading

On-set Supergirl photos of Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers

supergirl melissa benoist

CBS and DC revealed the first official look of Melissa Benoist donning the Supergirl outfit for the upcoming live-action series. Now we have the actress on the Los Angeles set showing off her civilian look, aka her Kara Danvers look. Some fans might be disappointed that she isn’t pretty enough … Continue reading

Marvel vs DC: More super heroes in film equal success? 

Marvel vs DC 8

With the additions of these popular DC characters (Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and possibly Cyborg) into WB/DC’s movie next year, why do people complain about Batman vs Superman having too many heroes? But then give a thumbs up when Captain America: Civil War adds more and more heroes to the roster? This … Continue reading

Michelle Rodriquez says minorities should stop stealing white superhero roles


Fast 7 star Michelle Rodriquez has recently stirred up some controversy. The actress told TMZ a bold statement that minorities should not be taken the roles of white superheroes. Apparently, there is an unknown rumor going around that she is in the running for the role as Jessica Cruz in the DC Cinematic Universe. … Continue reading

Aquaman costume designer says new look caters to modern audiences

aquaman jason momoa

Marvel Studios has been pretty faithful to the look of its superhero characters. Iron Man looks like Iron Man, Captain America looks like Captain America, and the Hulk looks like the Hulk. As for Zack Snyder, he has a different approach to some of the popular DC comic book characters. … Continue reading

Wonder Woman movie to begin filming this fall


You’ll first get to see Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film by director Zack Snyder (Man of Steel, 300) next year. After that, she’ll be getting her own solo movie, with Gal Gadot starring as the Amazon princess. Now Deadline has spread the word … Continue reading

Will Smith says he’ll portray the ‘biggest historical image’ of Deadshot in Suicide Squad

Arkham-City-Deadshot-will smith suicide squad

Deadshot has been featured in the comics, animated movies (Batman: Assault on Arkham), video games (Batman: Arkham City) and TV shows (CW’s Arrow). Soon we’ll get to see him on the big screen in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad film, with Will Smith playing the expert marksman. “With this character and … Continue reading

Samuel L. Jackson says Marvel movies are better than DC movies


Nothing gets comic book fans more riled up than a good ol’ fashion debate on Marvel vs. DC. Marvel has been kicking ass in the movie department, and DC has been kicking ass in the TV and animated movies department. Now we have Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Nick Fury … Continue reading

Looks like Joel Kinnaman might replace Tom Hardy in Suicide Squad

robocop joel kinnaman

It’s known that Tom Hardy has dropped out of playing Rick Flagg in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad back in mid-January. There’s a rumor saying that he left because of the script, but other sources say it’s scheduling conflict. Now according to EW, we have an actor who is a contender … Continue reading