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Superman gets endorsed by Nike in Man of Steel?

If you missed it, this past month Warner Brothers unveiled the official logo for the new Superman movie directed by Zack Snyder, Man of Steel. The image was released on

Batman gets pulled over?!

You can’t make stuff like this up. A Maryland man was pulled over earlier this week who happens to be none other than the Dark Knight himself, Batman. The sworn

Nerdy Drag Race: Michael Keaton Batmobile vs. Adam West Batmobile

This one is for all the marbles, Ladies and Gentlemen. At last, the age old question of which one is better will finally be answered as 60s TV show Batmobile

Superman vs. The Elite review and a surprise!

Superman vs. The Elite is a movie that will test Superman’s core belief and his effectiveness as a hero. A core belief that has been the foundation of who Superman

‘No Batmobile for you!’ says U.S. judge

The Batmobile may be the single most iconic vehicle in comic book history. I mean lets face it, the dude can’t fly and he has no super powers. So how

WATCHMEN Prequel sparks debate

Earlier today DC announced that it will publish new stories to expand the WATCHMEN universe. It will be a seven-title series comic book which will all be inter-connected. The books

It’s DC Day Today with the Launch of the ‘New 52’

This is a big day for comic geeks everywhere. It’s the historic renumbering of DC Comics as they launch 52 #1 issues today. What this means is that 52 of

Batman and Bane Slug It Out on the Set of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Out in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, locals were treated to an old-fashion slugfest between the Dark Knight and Bane. These photos were taken on set by Eyeprime. The scene takes place on

First Look at the Batmobile and the Batpod, and DKR Schedules to Film a Pittsburgh Football Stadium

Attention people of Pittsburgh! For one night only, you and many other Pittsburghonians will get a chance to be a part of the new Batman movie. On August 6th, Christopher

Dark Knight Rises Teaser Poster Revealed: Gotham In Ruins

Just finding its way online, a teaser poster for the next installment in the Christopher Nolan Batman series has been unveiled. The image shows, what we can only assume, is

DC Comics Announces SDCC 2011 Thursday to Sunday Lineup

Comic-Con International has officially announced the lineup for Wednesday Preview Night and Thursday, but DC Comics gives us the info on what its planning from Thursday to Sunday. Check out

Warner Brothers Shoots Down Green Lantern Sequel Rumors

Contradicting earlier reports made by The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers is not making a 2nd Green Lantern film. A rep from the movie studio contacted the website and the article

Kick-Ass Creator Mark Millar Calls Green Lantern the Worst Superhero Movie EVER Made

The man that brought us Marvel’s Civil War, Kick-Ass, Wanted(not the movie), and The Ultimates, is feeling the general consistences for the new DC Comics film starring Ryan Reynolds. The

Nerd Reactor Podcast – Green Lantern Review

Nerd Reactor continues its Summer Blockbuster movie coverage with the Green Lantern, but does it meet the hype? Should Ryan Reynolds really consider that Deadpool movie over the Green Lantern

Death of Superman Fan-Film Sequel: Funeral for a Friend

Awhile back, we reported on kashchei2003’s amazing Death of Superman fan-film, Superman: DOOMSDAY. The short was met with great critical acclaim from fans, who shouted at the roof tops “Why…

Grant Morrison’s SUPERGODS

On July 19th Grant Morrison‘s SUPERGODS will hit the book shelves. Part history and part memoir, this non-fiction will explore the superhero archetype we all know and love. It will take

Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns to be Animated

It looks like work has started on the grim and gritty animated movie adaptation of Frank Miller and Klaus Janson‘s classic The Dark Knight Returns.  With recent adaptations of New

First Look at Batman Live-Action Stage Show

Today, new pictures and videos were released for the upcoming Batman Live. The traveling stage show will be produced by the same company behind Walking with the Dinosaurs. The new

Superman Villian Revealed! Michael Shannon Gets Cast as General Zod

At last, we finally know who Superman man will face in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. Just announced, actor Michael Shannon will join the company of Henry Cavill, Dian Lane,

DC Reveals Flashpoint Preview Covers

In their latest Flashpoint Friday promotion, DC Comics has revealed the first issue covers for eight of its fourteen tie-in mini series to the Geoff Johns and Any Kubert mega