Doctor Who 50th: Tennant back on Doctor Who and details of the monster


David Tennant, the 10th Doctor, has recently spoken about his return to the Doctor Who set for the 50th Anniversary episode. He told Radio Times, “It is strange being back in the same suit, but it also feels very familiar and comfortable… There’s nothing quite like Doctor Who. It has … Continue reading

UPDATED: Doctor Who 50th: The TWO Doctors together!

Doctor Who 50th

UPDATE: Sources have stated these are cosplayers.Great cosplaying. These guys should totally be their stand ins. David Tennant has not shot any scenes yet for the 50th anniversary special. Damn. To mend the wounds, I posted a photo of Tennant and Smith with Jenna-Louise Coleman. ************************************************************ A tumblr page has … Continue reading

Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary special: David Tennant and Billie Piper are IN!


Ahhhhhhhh!!! The Official Doctor Who Twitter has posted a photo of David Tennant (the 10th Doctor) and Matt Smith (current 11th Doctor) during a 50th Anniversary Special read through!!! What else is exciting?!?! BILLIE PIPER (Rose) is returning for the special too!!!! Whaaaaaaa?!?! This will be the first time Tennant … Continue reading

Doctor Who: Tennant giving up hope for 50th Anniversary return


David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who, has repeatedly stated that he was not asked yet about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode, but is now losing hope on being asked. Tennant was quoted saying he’s “beginning to give up hope that anything’s going to happen” in regard to … Continue reading

New ‘Fright Night’ Footage Finally Shows David Tennant


I love the original Fright Night. It was silly 80′s horror at its best. Princess Bride’s Chris Saradon played the cocky playboy vampire while Roddy McDowall stole the film as Peter Vincent, Vampire killer. The perfect mix of practical effects with some funny, yet effective, narrative made this an instant … Continue reading