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How Justice League’s Deathstroke will affect Arrow’s version

With the recent reveal that Deathstroke will be in the Justice League film, many have wondered how it will affect Manu Bennett’s version of Deathstroke in Arrow. Stephen Amell has seemed to squash

Arrow’s David Ramsey challenges The Flash’s Candice Patton in ‘Guitar Hero Live’

Guitar Hero Live is reinventing itself, and it will be available on October 20, 2015. Publisher Activision and developer FreeStyle Games are trying to give gamers that feeling of being

David Ramsey defends Diggle’s ‘Magneto’ helmet in Arrow

Everybody seems to have a costume in the Arrow universe; everyone except for John Diggle. When the first photo popped up for Diggle’s new suit for the new season, fans

Diggle still has ‘Magneto’ helmet in new Arrow photo

When The CW released the new photo of Diggle’s new outfit for Arrow’s fourth season, Magneto quickly popped into my mind. I love David Ramsey as Diggle and I think it’s

Arrow’s David Ramsey on Diggle actually being John Stewart?

I’ve heard some crazy theories recently for some DC shows. The Penguin actually being the Joker on Fox’s Gotham is probably one of the more known theories. But what about Arrow‘s

Katie Cassidy and David Ramsey talk Arrow season 2 at SDCC

The CW’s hit TV show Arrow, based on the DC Comics character The Green Arrow, is coming back for a second season tomorrow. We here at Nerd Reactor are pleased