Does Medal of Honor deserve to be banned by the U.S. military? *UPDATED*


So the U.S. military has officially banned sales of the newest Medal of Honor game on military bases globally. Even Britain’s Defense Secretary requested that UK game retailers ban the game. Why, you may ask? Well, the game allows players to take on the role of the Taliban, but only … Continue reading

Crazy Costumes, Flying Machines…It Must Be FLUGTAG!

Flugtag in German means “Flying Day.” Recently, the 2010 Red Bull Flugtag took flight at Long Beach’s Rainbow Harbor. More than 100,000 people attended the event and Nerd Reactor was on hand to embrace the days’ activities. The basis of the Flugtag, is that it is a competition where teams … Continue reading

The Power of Morphicon: Smoking Out with Jason David Frank


Sometimes big conventions like Comic-Con lose a lot of the personal touch due to the massive hordes of people that over crowd the convention, leaving many feeling like herded cattle than fans that came to appreciate their favorite heroes with fellow con goers. This last weekend the Nerd Reactor crew … Continue reading

SoCal Theme Parks Hold Wallets Hostage: Fall 2010 – Summer 2011 Guide: Secret Tron Ride, Bizzaro Revamp & More


I hope you’ve all seen Chevy Chase in his classic role as Clark; father of 2, wonderful husband, and witty family guru. Clark had the family, the money, and the unstoppable willingness to arrive at Walley World, the best fictional amusement park ever! Before I go on and give you … Continue reading

Gamer Sues Developer Because a Game was “Too Addicting”

nerd reactor lineage2-ncsoft

Yes, you read that title correctly. Wired recently reported that Hawaiian resident, Craig Smallwood, claims that South Korean based NCsoft should pay an undisclosed sum of money for damages on the premise that their game is “too addictive.” NCsoft is the developer of the highly popular MMORPG title, Lineage II. Supposedly … Continue reading

Japan & U.S. Celebrate 50-Year Alliance with New Manga


The U.S. Armed Forces that are stationed in Japan are doing a collaboration with the creators of the “Martian” manga to celebrate the 50-year alliance between the 2 nations. The series contains 4 issues and will be titled “Watashi-tachi no Domei – Eizoku-teki Partnership,” which means “Our Alliance – A … Continue reading

Street Fighter High: The Musical: Interviewing the Masterminds Behind the Legend

street fighter ffeatured image

From the creators of Street Fighter High, comes a new tale of love and lost, hope and betrayal, and singing and dancing? After their popular parody of Street Fighter High, Jennifer Zhang (producer) ended up deciding that a sequel needed to be made. If you haven’t heard of this parody, … Continue reading

Comic-Con 2010: Geeks Strike Back – Nerds Foil Religious Protest

DEXTER (Season 5)

Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church went to Comic-Con with one thing in mind, to show the wayward souls of Comic-Con that “God Hates Nerds.”  The church had highly publicized their intentions to the media leading into Comic-Con. When they finally arrived they were shocked by the overwhelming sea … Continue reading